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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shiites trying to Convert Sunnis - Another Front of the Islamic Civil War

While the media focuses on the aggressive Iranian expansion in the whole Middle East, another insidious campaign is being orchestrated by Iran to control the region. Proselytizing is the new name of the game.

And since, through this Iranian-sponsored operation, Sunnis have been converting to Shiism in significant numbers, Sunni states are starting to react. That could well open a new front in the Sunni-Shiite war.

Of all Sunni countries, Saudi Arabia is the one feeling the most threatened by this new wave of Shiite proselytizing. “If it’s not to export the revolution like in the time of the Khomeini regime, Shiism exportation, as we see it today is still unacceptable” noted Saudi Social Affairs Minister Abdel Mohsen al Hakas.

Read the rest from the Counter Terrorism Blog

Monday, February 26, 2007

When is the time to Out Maneuver Iran...

Iran and Hezbollah, it's world-wide proxy, have been expanding, gaining in financial resources and infamous prestige. They have been executing a multifaceted flexible strategy that will soon make it capable to respond to anything any nation or multinational organization can do.

Experimenting with Chemical weapons, developing nuclear weapons (eventually) and a decentralized way to exercise its influence. There have even be military exercises in the Straights of Hormuz to rehearse their Military forces.

Yet who is willing to go to war? strategic surgical military action will serve as a defensive strategy, but an offensive, multifaceted strategy that will require Iran to redeploy its resources in response.

The Sunnis will have to act when the US leaves Irag....

So When is the time to Out Maneuver Iran? ...Before the US leaves

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Coming Sunni - Shiite Conflict

It is time for the US to sit down with Saudi, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE and others
  • Tell them we would love to leave this Shiite thing alone (Iran - Hezbolla - Syria)
  • They need to deal with their threats to the world themselves:
  • This way we stay out.

It will take at least two years for them to come to a limited truce. This will take an trememdous amount of focus for the salayyia/Wahhabist resources.

A coordinated and intense time of Evangelcial Chrstian Prayer is needed for Africa during this two year time.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Russia Aligning Itself Against the US

  • Russia recently built an AK-47 Plant in Venezuela, has sold it fighter Aircraft, and other aid.
  • Russia is the arms supplier of choice for Hezbolla; is the bill paid by Iran?
  • Recent Iranian arms upgrades come from Russia.

The Bottom line.... Russia seems to be equipping who ever opposes the US. This would be consistent with Putin recently pining away for the "good old days" when Russia was a counter-balance to the US in the world.

Jihad al-Bina

Anyone know if Hezbollah's Jihad al-Bina has shown up in Africa?


Hizballah operates Jihad al-Bina for its own construction needs as well as to attract popular support through the provision of civilian construction services," said Stuart Levey, Treasury's Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI). "We will take action against all facets of this deadly terror group."

Jihad al-Bina has used deceptive means to seek funding for projects from international development organizations.

  • In cases when intended solicitation targets were thought to object to the group's relationship with Hizballah and the Iranian government, the organization employed deceptive practices, applying in the name of proxies not publicly linked to Hizballah.
  • Following the summer 2006 conflict with Israel, Hizballah used Jihad al-Bina to raise funds for the terrorist organization and to bolster the group's standing by providing construction services in Southern Lebanon.

This company is also know as:

Jihad al-Binaa', Jihadu-I-Binaa, Construction for the sake of the holy struggle, Construction Jihad, Struggle for Reconstruction, Jihad Construction Institution, Jihad Construction Foundation, Jihad al Binaa Association, Holy Construction Foundation, Jihad

Construction Location: Beirut, Lebanon, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, Southern Lebanon

The Rest @ The US Treasury OFAC

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saudi Jihad Financers Dance but Don't' Die

We continue to search for Funding Mechanisms and networks for Global Jihad.

“Since June [2004], intermittent reports have suggested Riyadh was on the verge of taking firm action against terror financiers among the Saudi elite. After a series of unexplained delays, a U.S. delegation visiting the Saudi capital in December finally secured Saudi agreement to shut the offices of the al Haramain Foundation in Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Pakistan, and take action against senior al Haramain officials in Saudi Arabia. Specifically, the Saudis were expected to announce criminal proceedings against the foundation's recently fired director of 13 years, Sheikh Aqel al Aqel, who according to well-informed sources was caught transporting millions of dollars out of the country via couriers. This week, when the much anticipated press conference was finally held, the closure of a few more al Haramain branches proved anticlimactic in the glaring absence of any action against al Aqel or any of the other prominent Saudis bankrolling terror.”

read the rest from The Counter Terrorism blog

Al-Qaida in Madagascar?

ON 2-5-07 it was reported that A senior member of the al-Qaeda network - A senior member of the al-Qaeda network - Fazul Abdullah Mohammed - is in hiding on the island of Madagascar off the coast of southern Africa, reports said Monday.

Fazul was deeply invovled in the West African Blood diamond trades, but disappeared a a couple of years ago, Is he the gem-dealer replacing the brother-in-law of Osam BIn Laden who recentky dies under mysterious circumstances?

read the rest

Friday, February 16, 2007

Account 98 used by Diverse Jihad groups

Account 98 systems, have been used to fund Jihad activities in the past. They system could also be used to fund activites to radicalize existing Muslim groups in "Pre-Jihad" Countries such as Kenya, Malawi, CAR, Democtratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Southern Nigeria. CHAD is already under Jihad attack.

I believe that this is how groups became radicalized in Kenya. Radical Muslim groups were largely in the North and Coastal areas. Now there are radical groups very active in Nirobi itself.
A Christian oprhange was recently bulldozed to the ground by An Islamic group that bought the and the orphange was squatting on....where are funds comming from? I believe account 98.

History of Account 98

In 2001, Account 98 was cited in an official Saudigovernment report which extensively detailed

  • Saudi financial support to Palestinians, including families of suicide bombers.
  • Arab League is also involved in supporting these accounts, which allows the Saudigovernment to pay between 10,000 -20,000 Saudi Riyals to the families of martyrs
  • At thetime of the report that 986 families had receivedfunds from the account.
  • The funds from Account 98 were passed from Saudi Arabia's IslamicDevelopment Bank directly to the account of the Unified Treasury of the National PalestinianAuthority.

the rest

Let's note here the funding flow - if this system is still in operation, what Banks would be being used in Africa?

  • in Somalia?
  • in Sudan?
  • in Northern Nigeria?
  • In Kenya?
  • In CAR?
  • In Democratic Republic of Congo?

Account 98 and Global Jihad

Account 98 is an account that existed at one time that as a common account in all Saudi banks worldwide that was used, first to fund the Palentinian intifada and Jihad in general.

  • It is my belief that accout 98 still exists. (check out this 2005 US Senate hearing video)
  • Further I believe the account, or similar structures, are being used to fund Globa Jihad.
  • Specifcially, We will be looing at account 98 and Africa


"An account at an HSBC subsidiary (the Saudi- British Bank) will be charged with being used to collect and pass funds to organizations which then used the money to help suicide bombers and their families. This is the Account 98 scandal.

read the rest from Household - HSBC Watch

Stay Tuned


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Registered Trustees of the Prince Sultan Bin Aziz -Front?

On 23 June 2003 the BBC reported that three arrests had been made in an investigatuion intoi the attmepted assination of the Malawi Prime Minister

"The arrested al-Qaeda suspects include: Mahmud Sardar Issa, a Sudanese national who heads the charitable Islamic Zakat Fund Trust in Blantyre;

Fahad Ral Bahli, a Saudi national who is Malawi Branch Director of the Registered Trustees of the Prince Sultan Bin Aziz Special Committee on Relief; .

....According to the sources, al-Qaeda wanted to use their charitable organisations to channel money from Asia - where al-Qaeda is based - to fund operations in Africa and beyond.
Other sources say that Fahad Ral Bahli is an al Quaida financier associated with the Saudi Al Quida branch.

Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz

Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz is the 80 year old next-in-line to be King in Saudi Arabia.

  • He has a charity NGO named after him with offices all over the world.
  • He also happens to be the minister of defence for Saudi Arabia.
  • He is an itnernational diplomat, considered pro American
  • His charaties have been used to get Jihadists into countries .

On 23 June 2003 the BBC reported that three arrests had been made in an investigatuion intoi the attmepted assination of the Malawi Prime Minister

"The arrested al-Qaeda suspects include:
Mahmud Sardar Issa, a Sudanese national who heads the charitable Islamic Zakat Fund Trust in Blantyre;
Fahad Ral Bahli, a Saudi national who is Malawi Branch Director of the Registered Trustees of the Prince Sultan Bin Aziz Special Committee on Relief; ...

...According to the sources, al-Qaeda wanted to use their charitable organisations to channel money from Asia - where al-Qaeda is based - to fund operations in Africa and beyond.

Other sources say that Fahad Ral Bahli is an al Quaida financier associated with the Saudi Al Quida branch.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why Somali Union of Islamic Courts Failed

"But instead of capitalizing on the people's genuine support and willingness to give in and give up everything, they had become power lusty, belligerent and fatwa-crazy. Instead of building bridges with the community, improving services, opening hospitals, winning the trust of international organizations and NGOs to help them with projects to generate employment, they burned all bridges. They alienated the youth by banning all types of entertainment, segregated women and deprived tens of thousands of families from their only livelihood by banning khat without bringing an alternative source of income. They even embittered traditional Islamic scholars with their characteristic Wahhabi style of self-righteousness and condescending attitude to mainstream Islam.

Read the rest from MEMRI

Al Qaeda in Algeria kills 6 injurs 13

GSPC which is now named Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb perpetrated today six near simultaneous attacks in Kabylia in a twenty-mile radius. According to government figures, six people died and 13 were injured. The targets were police stations. It is one of the most spectacular wave of attacks orchestrated by the GSPC. It has also the hallmarks of Al Qaeda.

This is the escalation we dicussed earlier.

read the rest from te counterterrorism blog

Syran firms buy Urianium enriching Hardware

The Office of Foreign Asset Control of the Treasury Department has put the following Syrian firms on their Specially Designated Nationsl (SDN) list for Wepaons of Mass destruction viloations:


see the notice

This is a story to watch

-Shimron Issachar

Al Qaeda moving recruitment in North Africa

Al-Qaeda's influence is spreading into the cities and deserts of North Africa. Increasingly, Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians who have known only poverty, corruption and police crackdowns are answering extremist Islam's call to remake the world - with violence if need be.

read the rest from News24

They are even recruiting suicide bombers there.

-Shimron Issachar

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2007 UN Report on Nigerian Ant-Terrorism Compliance is at Least PArtially Incorrect

The UNCR of the United Nations put out a glowing report today about the effectivenss of Nigeria's Anti-terrorism measures.

of special note is the statement that several Nassredin companies were shut down. What is of great interest is that NASCO, owned and operated by Attia Nassredin, the son of Ahmed Idris Nasreddin.

This is isnteresting since Attia's company is stilll operating, and has never been shut down, as far as I can tell.

....I wonder if the rest of Nigeria's POsitive report is also fabricated...


Here are sections from the report:

"The provisions of the EFCC Act relating to terrorism are being vigorously enforced. So far,
two convictions at the Federal High Court, Kaduna dated October 10, 2004 and October 21,
2005, have been recorded on acts of terrorism.

Besides, the EFCC has taken steps to ensure compliance with the United Nations Resolution 1267.
  • Following the information furnished by the UN and United States Embassy in Nigeria, alleging that Nasco Group Nigeria Ltd is owned by Ahmed Idris Nasreddin, a designate of both the US and UN as an individual belonging to or associated with Al Queda, the Taliban or Usama bin Ladin, the Federal High S/2007/65 07-26025 6
    Court sitting in Abuja on Friday, March 3, 2006, granted an application stopping and freezing the financial and economic assets including business properties and things within Nigeria, belonging to or associated with Ahmed Idris Nassreddin, Nastrade Nigeria Ltd and 3 other companies in that Group. The assets were accordingly forfeited to the Federal Government of Nigeria in the interim.
  • The Nigerian Department of State Services has also done considerable work in respect of
    tracking down terrorists and freezing and/or seizing their assets. It has set up Counter-
    Terrorism Centres in Lagos, Kano, Maiduguri and Abuja to facilitate its surveillance.
  • ....Similarly, the activities of Haruna Shahru, another agent of GSPC financing extremist and terrorist activities by laundering proceeds from smuggled goods was detected and dismantled. Several properties including technical equipment were seized and Mr. Shahru arrested and detained.
  • Banking secrecy and confidentiality has been abolished in Nigeria by virtue of Section 12(4)
    of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2774.
  • At the regional level, Nigeria has contributed greatly to operationalization of GIABA, the
    West African FATF style regional body, established to combat money laundering and terrorist......"

What does a Jihadist Want? Here it is

What follows is a quote from the english translation of a statement by one of the authors of the concept of today's Jihad. Professor Muhammad Qutb, Sayyid’s brother, was a teacher and mentor to the young Osama Bin Laden

Sayyid Qutb was hung in 1966 for trying to overthrow the Egyptian state; but his teachings are used to indoctrinate young Johaids. The reason I post him now is so:

  • Christ followers can understand what a soldier of Jihad wants. What is his aim?
  • Will he be satisfied if America gets out of Iraq? withdraws support from Israel? Turns over Africa to Isalm?
  • What does the Jihadi intend?
Before a Muslim steps into the battlefield, he has already fought a great battle within himself against Satan- against his own desires and ambitions, his personal interests and inclinations, the interests of his own family and of his nation; against anything which is not from Islam; against every obstacle which comes into the way of worshipping Allah and the implementation of the Divine authority on earth, returning this authority to Allah and taking it away from the rebellious usurpers.
Those who say that Islamic Jihad was merely for the defense of the 'home land of Islam' diminish the greatness of the Islamic way of life and consider it less important than their 'homeland'. This is not the Islamic point of view, and their view is a creation of modern age and is completely alien to Islamic consciousness.

What is acceptable to Islamic consciousness is its belief, the way of life which this belief prescribes, and the society which lives according to this way of life. The soil of the homeland has, in itself, no value or weight. From the Islamic point of view, the only value which the soil can achieve is because on that soil Allah's authority is established and Allah's guidance is followed; and thus it becomes a fortress for the belief, a place for its way of life to be entitled the 'homeland of Islam', a centre for the movement for the total freedom of man.

Of course, in that case the defense of the 'homeland of Islam' is the defense of the Islamic beliefs, the Islamic way of life, and the Islamic community.

However, it's defense is not the ultimate objective of the Islamic movement of Jihad but it is a mean of establishing the Divine authority within it so that it becomes the headquarters for the movement of Islam, which is then to be carried throughout the earth to the whole of mankind, as the object of this religion is all humanity and its sphere of action is the whole earth.

As we have described earlier, there are many practical obstacles in the establishing Allah's rule on earth, such as the power of state, the social system and traditions and, in general, the whole human environment. Islam uses force only to remove these obstacles so that there may not remain any wall between Islam and individual human beings, and so that it may address their hearts and minds after releasing them from these material obstacles, and then leave them free to choose to accept or reject it.

We ought not to be deceived or embarrassed by the attacks of the orientalists on the origin of Jihad, nor lose self-confidence under the pressure of present conditions and the weight of the great powers of the world to such an extent that we try to find reasons for Islamic Jihad outside the nature of this religion, and try to show that it was a defensive measure under temporary conditions. The need for Jihad remains, and will continue to remain, whether these conditions exist or not!


Intercessors arise, ask how God would have you pray and do in this time, in this day. The Battle is the Lord's and He will conquer all his enemies. Love the Jihadi and ask Christ for his freedom. Ask God to make His only Son to visit the Jihaidi in dreams and to speak to them the truth of who he is before he offers his immortal soul to the demon of Jihad.

Lord, show them mercy, send them dreams and visions of the Messiah, Christ so that they may live the life you intended for them. Show us how we may move into relationship with them so that Your love may shine.

Intercessor, your job is to be listening, available, usaeable to interceed for those under attack by this counterfeit movement.

-Shimron Issachar

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Somoli Jihadis likely escaping to Yemen

Somoli smugglers have been smuggling people to Yemen for generations. Somolis receive automatic asylum from Yemen.Though the war has changed the routs trafficers use, they continue still.

It is possible that Jihadis escaping Somolia have worked their way back north and are using this route to try and escape.

Note the following from a IRIN, a UN News agency

.......Hersi added that the journey from Somalia to Yemen “was a journey of hardships that normally starts from Bossaso, where the migrants stay for two to three months, waiting for a boat. Then they take the boats, which are not safe enough for travelling.

They spend three to four days at sea with little or no food or a change of clothes. “In the boats, they are exposed to the burning sun. When they get near the Yemeni coast, the smugglers throw them in the sea for them to swim ashore.

Sometimes women pay strong male migrants to carry them and their children ashore.” Somalis reaching Yemen get automatic refugee status, because many are fleeing a violent conflict, though not all apply for it. There are currently more than 88,000 registered refugees in Yemen, of whom 84,000 are Somalis. More than 25,800 people have been recorded arriving in Yemen from Somalia this year.

Read more