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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz

Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz is the 80 year old next-in-line to be King in Saudi Arabia.

  • He has a charity NGO named after him with offices all over the world.
  • He also happens to be the minister of defence for Saudi Arabia.
  • He is an itnernational diplomat, considered pro American
  • His charaties have been used to get Jihadists into countries .

On 23 June 2003 the BBC reported that three arrests had been made in an investigatuion intoi the attmepted assination of the Malawi Prime Minister

"The arrested al-Qaeda suspects include:
Mahmud Sardar Issa, a Sudanese national who heads the charitable Islamic Zakat Fund Trust in Blantyre;
Fahad Ral Bahli, a Saudi national who is Malawi Branch Director of the Registered Trustees of the Prince Sultan Bin Aziz Special Committee on Relief; ...

...According to the sources, al-Qaeda wanted to use their charitable organisations to channel money from Asia - where al-Qaeda is based - to fund operations in Africa and beyond.

Other sources say that Fahad Ral Bahli is an al Quaida financier associated with the Saudi Al Quida branch.

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