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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Agenda of the Shimron Letters

We are here to watch the Islamist agenda as they work to enslave Africa. We will neither oppose nor be diverted by Muslim Nationalists unless they surrender to the Islamist Agenda.

  • Information will be gathered in accordance with the following standards of reliability
  • The direct words of first hand local observers.
  • Interviews with first hand local observers.
  • Reliable Leaders with access to local ministry or government activity.
  • Web sources of all kinds to discern what jihadists, Jesus - friendly, and skilled non- christian analyst sources are saying
  • We intend to frequently and consistently study sites so as to determine which are truthful and which are deceptive.
  • We may provide direct quotes from people inciting or committing violence, as quoted by first hand or by reliable sources, unless we determine that they are committing deliberate deception.
  • We will not knowingly assist Islamists - if your concerned about a posting please email us
  • We will provide commentary if we project a possible danger, and a warning is warren ted.


  • Every living human has fallen short of God's glory, and It is not possible for humans to earn their redemption
  • Therefore God offered himself, in the form of his only son Jesus - the promised messiah - who paid the penalty of our falling short.
  • We accept the Pardon when we turn away from running our own lives, turning our life over to Jesus.
  • He gives us this Pardon as His free gift, and no amount of good human work can pay its price.
  • All good works of believers are done in gratitude for the gift.
  • We Love every Muslim God ever created, and pray God will bring this truth to them


  • Though this simple plan is at work everywhere on earth, we will not aid or support the combative spread of the gospel of Christ, verbal or otherwise
  • The battle is the Lord's, and though we go boldly at his direction, we gently seek the voluntary redemption of all men and women
  • There are Believers working in remote locations where they may be exposed to threat of physical harm.Therefore, activities that inhibit the spread of the gospel or increase the possibility of threat or danger to Believers will be shared here.
  • This blog intends to become a resource to those called to spread this message, including the ministry of intercession, who petition God on behalf of people serving in dangerous areas.
  • We intend that this information be taken to God, who will direct intercessors on how to pray, to help keep workers in dangerous places safe.
  • The information is designed to help focus our prayers, as Christ, the Messiah, Christ the only son of God, continues to bring His kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven.

contact: Shimron Issachar

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