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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What does a Jihadist Want? Here it is

What follows is a quote from the english translation of a statement by one of the authors of the concept of today's Jihad. Professor Muhammad Qutb, Sayyid’s brother, was a teacher and mentor to the young Osama Bin Laden

Sayyid Qutb was hung in 1966 for trying to overthrow the Egyptian state; but his teachings are used to indoctrinate young Johaids. The reason I post him now is so:

  • Christ followers can understand what a soldier of Jihad wants. What is his aim?
  • Will he be satisfied if America gets out of Iraq? withdraws support from Israel? Turns over Africa to Isalm?
  • What does the Jihadi intend?
Before a Muslim steps into the battlefield, he has already fought a great battle within himself against Satan- against his own desires and ambitions, his personal interests and inclinations, the interests of his own family and of his nation; against anything which is not from Islam; against every obstacle which comes into the way of worshipping Allah and the implementation of the Divine authority on earth, returning this authority to Allah and taking it away from the rebellious usurpers.
Those who say that Islamic Jihad was merely for the defense of the 'home land of Islam' diminish the greatness of the Islamic way of life and consider it less important than their 'homeland'. This is not the Islamic point of view, and their view is a creation of modern age and is completely alien to Islamic consciousness.

What is acceptable to Islamic consciousness is its belief, the way of life which this belief prescribes, and the society which lives according to this way of life. The soil of the homeland has, in itself, no value or weight. From the Islamic point of view, the only value which the soil can achieve is because on that soil Allah's authority is established and Allah's guidance is followed; and thus it becomes a fortress for the belief, a place for its way of life to be entitled the 'homeland of Islam', a centre for the movement for the total freedom of man.

Of course, in that case the defense of the 'homeland of Islam' is the defense of the Islamic beliefs, the Islamic way of life, and the Islamic community.

However, it's defense is not the ultimate objective of the Islamic movement of Jihad but it is a mean of establishing the Divine authority within it so that it becomes the headquarters for the movement of Islam, which is then to be carried throughout the earth to the whole of mankind, as the object of this religion is all humanity and its sphere of action is the whole earth.

As we have described earlier, there are many practical obstacles in the establishing Allah's rule on earth, such as the power of state, the social system and traditions and, in general, the whole human environment. Islam uses force only to remove these obstacles so that there may not remain any wall between Islam and individual human beings, and so that it may address their hearts and minds after releasing them from these material obstacles, and then leave them free to choose to accept or reject it.

We ought not to be deceived or embarrassed by the attacks of the orientalists on the origin of Jihad, nor lose self-confidence under the pressure of present conditions and the weight of the great powers of the world to such an extent that we try to find reasons for Islamic Jihad outside the nature of this religion, and try to show that it was a defensive measure under temporary conditions. The need for Jihad remains, and will continue to remain, whether these conditions exist or not!


Intercessors arise, ask how God would have you pray and do in this time, in this day. The Battle is the Lord's and He will conquer all his enemies. Love the Jihadi and ask Christ for his freedom. Ask God to make His only Son to visit the Jihaidi in dreams and to speak to them the truth of who he is before he offers his immortal soul to the demon of Jihad.

Lord, show them mercy, send them dreams and visions of the Messiah, Christ so that they may live the life you intended for them. Show us how we may move into relationship with them so that Your love may shine.

Intercessor, your job is to be listening, available, usaeable to interceed for those under attack by this counterfeit movement.

-Shimron Issachar

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