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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Somoli Jihadis likely escaping to Yemen

Somoli smugglers have been smuggling people to Yemen for generations. Somolis receive automatic asylum from Yemen.Though the war has changed the routs trafficers use, they continue still.

It is possible that Jihadis escaping Somolia have worked their way back north and are using this route to try and escape.

Note the following from a IRIN, a UN News agency

.......Hersi added that the journey from Somalia to Yemen “was a journey of hardships that normally starts from Bossaso, where the migrants stay for two to three months, waiting for a boat. Then they take the boats, which are not safe enough for travelling.

They spend three to four days at sea with little or no food or a change of clothes. “In the boats, they are exposed to the burning sun. When they get near the Yemeni coast, the smugglers throw them in the sea for them to swim ashore.

Sometimes women pay strong male migrants to carry them and their children ashore.” Somalis reaching Yemen get automatic refugee status, because many are fleeing a violent conflict, though not all apply for it. There are currently more than 88,000 registered refugees in Yemen, of whom 84,000 are Somalis. More than 25,800 people have been recorded arriving in Yemen from Somalia this year.

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