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Friday, February 16, 2007

Account 98 and Global Jihad

Account 98 is an account that existed at one time that as a common account in all Saudi banks worldwide that was used, first to fund the Palentinian intifada and Jihad in general.

  • It is my belief that accout 98 still exists. (check out this 2005 US Senate hearing video)
  • Further I believe the account, or similar structures, are being used to fund Globa Jihad.
  • Specifcially, We will be looing at account 98 and Africa


"An account at an HSBC subsidiary (the Saudi- British Bank) will be charged with being used to collect and pass funds to organizations which then used the money to help suicide bombers and their families. This is the Account 98 scandal.

read the rest from Household - HSBC Watch

Stay Tuned


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