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Friday, February 16, 2007

Account 98 used by Diverse Jihad groups

Account 98 systems, have been used to fund Jihad activities in the past. They system could also be used to fund activites to radicalize existing Muslim groups in "Pre-Jihad" Countries such as Kenya, Malawi, CAR, Democtratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Southern Nigeria. CHAD is already under Jihad attack.

I believe that this is how groups became radicalized in Kenya. Radical Muslim groups were largely in the North and Coastal areas. Now there are radical groups very active in Nirobi itself.
A Christian oprhange was recently bulldozed to the ground by An Islamic group that bought the and the orphange was squatting on....where are funds comming from? I believe account 98.

History of Account 98

In 2001, Account 98 was cited in an official Saudigovernment report which extensively detailed

  • Saudi financial support to Palestinians, including families of suicide bombers.
  • Arab League is also involved in supporting these accounts, which allows the Saudigovernment to pay between 10,000 -20,000 Saudi Riyals to the families of martyrs
  • At thetime of the report that 986 families had receivedfunds from the account.
  • The funds from Account 98 were passed from Saudi Arabia's IslamicDevelopment Bank directly to the account of the Unified Treasury of the National PalestinianAuthority.

the rest

Let's note here the funding flow - if this system is still in operation, what Banks would be being used in Africa?

  • in Somalia?
  • in Sudan?
  • in Northern Nigeria?
  • In Kenya?
  • In CAR?
  • In Democratic Republic of Congo?

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