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Monday, February 26, 2007

When is the time to Out Maneuver Iran...

Iran and Hezbollah, it's world-wide proxy, have been expanding, gaining in financial resources and infamous prestige. They have been executing a multifaceted flexible strategy that will soon make it capable to respond to anything any nation or multinational organization can do.

Experimenting with Chemical weapons, developing nuclear weapons (eventually) and a decentralized way to exercise its influence. There have even be military exercises in the Straights of Hormuz to rehearse their Military forces.

Yet who is willing to go to war? strategic surgical military action will serve as a defensive strategy, but an offensive, multifaceted strategy that will require Iran to redeploy its resources in response.

The Sunnis will have to act when the US leaves Irag....

So When is the time to Out Maneuver Iran? ...Before the US leaves

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