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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Conflict within the al Shabaab Leadership

A Hersi reports that abde Godane has alegedely been "fired" from his post has head of al Shabaab and has been temporarily replaced by Ibrahim Haji Jama.

MOGADISHU (Sunatimes) The international terror network of Al-Qaeda has made a change to the leadership of Al-Shabaab militant group in Somalia firing Ahmed Godane from his position as the leader of that movement. Sources told Sunatimes on Friday.

Al-Qaeda temporarily named Ibrahim Haji Jama to be the leader of Al-Shabaab in Somalia. Jama is the same clan with the sacked Amir who has been leading the group for three years.

His removal from the office came after failing to diplomatically solving the deep rooted conflict within Al-Shabaab administration.

This unlikely, but reflects the conflict in al Shabaab leadership

Shimron Issachar

Fuad Shangole, who had last week been talking to the local media about the conflict the Al-Shabaab leader, said a person (Ahmed Godane) who hid his face with mask because of fear could not claim to be the leader of Mujahideens calling on that person to show up if he is pleasant with the death.

No word yet from Godane himself but reliable sources told Sunatimes that he refused to guide [abide?] with Al-Qaeda’s order.

Some reports say it would be difficult that Ahmed Godane step down.

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