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Monday, December 13, 2010

The article that follows is a bit dated, (6 October, 2010) but of interest. It suggests that al Shabaab and affiliated groups are trying to reorganize, and that there is a finacial struggle. Aweys and Robow met recently. Keep in mind that Aweys, in many ways is the estranged father of the al shabaab movement, and Robow is an out of Favor Former al shabaab leader, who has recently challenged Godane's leadership.

add to this that
a recent TBDA visit suggests that Abdi Godane may have taken a trip to Dubai recently.

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13th December 2010 20:37:33

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"godane visit to dubai"
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Somalia: Secrets meeting between Aweys, Abu-Mansor over new insurgent group

6 Oct 6, 2010 - 1:44:30 PM

Somali insurgent leaders Sheikh Mukhtar Robow and Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys met in Mogadishu for secret talks, according to reports that Garowe Online received.

The two opposition leaders, Former Al-Shabaab’s top ranking official Mukhtar Robow also known Abu-Mansor and Hizbul Islam’s Hassan Dahir Aweys discussed about how to assemble new insurgent group.Abu-Mansor quit Al-Shabaab over dispute between him and his group official, now urging to establish new radicals group with his counterpart. “There is a new group that called Al-islamiyah which comes from broken branch of Al-shabaab and Hizbul Islam, the group will take over southern Somalia where Al-shabaab controls,” one of senior Hizbul Islam told Garowe Online who wished to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of matter.According to Hizbul Islam top official, no comment about who will be the leader of the new group but they are ready to build it.However, Abu-mansor blast what he called ‘poor leadership’ in Al-shabaab, accused the group’s Leader Ahmed Godane.“Disagreement brought out when Godane and Abu-mansor failed to agree on Financials issues, Godane wanted to give head of financial department to one of his clan,” a high-rank of Al-shabaab told the reporters.Abu-Mansor claimed that he will withdraw his soldier from Somali capital Mogadishu.Al-Shabaab strongly opposes the policies of the government in Somalia. It is accused of having links with terrorist groups.

Somalia has had no effective central government for 19 years and although the administration of President Ahmed has the backing of the United Nations and AU, he faces a stubborn insurgency from the insurgent groups.

The Rest @ Garowe Online

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