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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Al Shabaab Strength in December 2010

From Bill Roggio...

I missed this report from Sunatimes when it came out in November. According to Sunatimes, Shabaab officials claim to have more than 14,000 fighters under their command throughout Somalia. Among those are nearly 2,000 "Al-Qaeda foreign fighters." The report has specific numbers, and breaks down the composition of Shabaab by region and clan affiliation:
Quoting some of Al-Shabaab militant officials, the report says the biggest number of Al-Shabaab militias is from Digil and Mirifle clans of Rahanwein tribe totaling 4,230 fighters as indicated in the list of the clans and their figure. Rahanwein is the main dominant tribe in southwest Somalia.

  • 3,106 soldiers of Al-Shabaab are from Darod tribe mainly from Ogaden and Marehan clans who are inhabitants in southern Somalia.
  • 2,401 are from Hawiye tribe mostly from Duduble and Murursade clans in the country's central and southern regions.
  • 1,982 from Al-Qaeda foreign fighters, among of them are highly skilled military experts with war strategy and information intelligence.
  • 1,702 are largely from Isaaq clan of Somalia's northern Dir tribe as 753 fighters of that number belonging especially to the sub-clan of Al-Shabaab's leader Ahmed Godane.
  • 1,005 are from the minority clans in Somalia those who are students and farmers recruited from the southern parts of the country.

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