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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Portrait of Hezbollah Reverese Money Laundering Scheme in Africa

A Zakat Fund committee from a very Large Dubai based Bank issues A Credit Line to an account in a Western Bank.

Small local Shiite-0wned businesses buy cars (Mostly Honda, Toyota and Nissan) at Auction in the Suburbs of Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Mobile, New Orleans and Phoenix.

The credit line, which originated in the Zakat Fund, is used to pay off the credit cards used by the Shiite business men to buy the auctioned cars.

Using non-Shia owned import/export companies, They sell the cars at a profit to Lebanese businessmen in West Africa, who:
  • Sell the cars to markets in places like Nigeria, Sierra Leon, Liberia, Ghana, Algeria, Morocco, etc.
  • Some vehicles are traded for other cars which are in turn made available to Jihadis
  • Hezbollah Tax collectors, which make regular cash collections in Africa, take the cash to Iranian-based banks in Venezuela, Lebanon, and Syria.

These funds are used to Fund Terror activities around the world...

Check out who is buying lots of auctioned cars in places like Marietta Georgi and Lewisville Texas.


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