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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Kenya Somali Border heats up

Word is that Islamic Associations in Ethnic Somali areas are recruiting for Somali Jijad, as well as forming, training and equipping Militias. Al Qaeda is funding these actions, even as Kenya and their Friends patorl the borders with Thermal imaging 24 hours a day.


note this related story:

War planes and military helicopters continued also today to fly at low altitude over some areas of South Somalia’s Lower Juba province along the border with Kenya.

According to local sources the overflights began yesterday and continued throughout this morning, causing tension among residents of the villages of the area and particularly in the areas of Dadajabula and Doblai, where many stores remained closed today.

Reports circulating in the media indicate that they are Kenyan military jets and helicopters.

In the past days, unidentified gunmen attacked a Kenyan border police post, seizing weapons and a military vehicle. The provincial commissioner of Kenya's Northeastern Province, according to the Somali press, demanded the immediate return of the arms and vehicle, threatening unspecified “measures”.

Elders of both Kenyan and Somali local communities are mediating with the armed group for the return of the stolen material.

-Africa News Analysis

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