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Sunday, June 08, 2008

LAAICO To Build North African Fertilizer Plants- Remember the OKC Bombing?

LAAICO just signed a deal with the Morocco to Build Chemical and Fertilizer Plants. These Chemicals and Fertilizers are important for Food production, but are also components used by Timothy McVey in the Oklahoma City, US Federal Building Bombing.

Due to AQIM Activities in Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, Niger, Algeria,Mauritania, Chad, etc, These plans bear watching.


LAAICO, Libyan's investment arm in Africa, unveils Moroccan - 05 June 2008
05-06-2008 - LIBYA, MOROCCO
Source : Ansamed
Country from : Libya, Morocco
Activity : Chemistry, plasturgy, fertilizers.

By ANSAmed

Libyan's investment arm in Africa, Libya-Africa Investment Portfolio, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Moroccòs Office Cherifien de Phosphate (OCP) for the Moroccan company to build three fertiliser plants worth USD 1 billion.

OPC said that a first plant would produce 1 million tonnes of phospheric acid per year, with investment of $350 million, and a second plant to produce 800,000 tonnes of ammonia would cost $500 million. A third unit, with an annual capacity of 1 million of fertiliser, will cost $150 million.

  • OPC gave no dates when the plants would be built, Tripoli Post online reports.
  • An official close to the deal has been reported saying that the acid unit would be based in Morocco,
  • the ammonia to be built in Libya and the fertiliser plant location has yet to be decided whether it would be built in Libya or Morocco.

In February, OCP invited non-Moroccan investors to set up plants to help Morocco expand its fertiliser and chemical business. OCP, with an annual output of 27.25 million tonnes of raw phosphate, has 43.5 percent of the world's phosphate market, 47.2 percent of the phosphoric acid market and 9.5 percent of fertiliser output, according to the company.

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