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Friday, September 28, 2007

Zeus X Captured with Load of Cocaine off Grand Canary Islands

Madrid, 28 Sep 2007 08:57

3,200 kilos of cocaine we found in a fishing boat located in international waters to 1,050 miles off Las Palmas, Grand Canary Islands this week.

Containers of cocaine, valued at 190 million euros, were in the Venezuelan boat “Zeus X”.

The fishing boat was located Tuesday by the ship “Pretel I” In the interior were 92 fcontainers of cocaine of about 35 kilos each.

The crew - made up of seven Venezuelans and an Ecuadorian - was made

They are expected on 2 October in Las Palmas, Grand Canary Island.

According to data of the Tributary Agency after this operation they have been taken part more than 115,000 kilos of hashish and 20,000 kilos of cocaine in which it goes of year.

From Reuters Article in Spanish

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