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Friday, September 28, 2007

The NEFA Foundation has Translated an Audio Statement made by
Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the “Amir al-Mumineen”(“Leader of the Faithful”) of Al-Qaida’s “Islamic State of Iraq” on September 14, 2007. This can be considered a Pre-Ramadan message to the troops

  • The reason it is relevant for Africa, is so that we may see what al Qaeda is trying to establish world wide, and are actively pursuing on military fronts.
  • Africa, If Al Qaeda tries to use your local dispute by turning it into an international Jihad, as they have done in Iraq, with the Shabaab and MYM in Somalia, The Mujaheddin in Sudan, and AQIM in Algeria and Morocco- Then the current state of as described by their leader is what can be expected...

the Shimron Letters acknowledge that we have omitted clear attempts at propaganda, and perceived attempts a deception, or the communication of action plans to other cells. The few places we have added text for clarification have all been clearly italicized. Bullet points have been added for clarity as well.

You can Read the Full translated Document @ The NEFA Foundation

-Shimron Issachar

"...Take care not to… waste your opportunity because of a political agenda or secretive agreements with the occupiers and his agents, because if you do so, you will be part of those who have decided to remain behind and disappoint.”

  • “Nation of Islam: presently, the jihadi project in Mesopotamia is facing a fierce attack by those who have decided to betray us. These people have a history of being agents and traitors. Every time a region awakens from its deep sleep, they make sure to attack back and eliminate its nascent awakening.
  • They implement their agenda in the name of our religion and under the
    guise of preserving the interests of the Muslims. Both our local and international enemies benefit from these internal battles and use them to implement their own plans. We shall be frank with you no matter how bitter the truth sounds.
  • Our nation should realize that the Muslim Brotherhood in Mesopotamia under the leadership of the Islamic Party is engaged nowadays in
    the ugliest campaign to bury the signs of Islam in Iraq, especially in the field of jihad.
  • The Kurds are trying hard to establish their Kurdish state and the hateful apostates are trying to spread their control across the country, especially in the central and southern parts.
  • Simultaneously, we are witnessing the Moslem Brotherhood under the leadership of the [Sunni] Accordance Front working hard to assist the occupation while ignoring the blood and resources spent in our battle.
  • Additionally, they persistently request that the occupation should continue until the military and security apparatus of the apostate state in Iraq is fully and completely established.”
  • They continue down their path by disregarding the sacrifices made by the dignified Sunni people.
  • They declared war against the jihad and the mujahideen and were enthusiastic in establishing the Anbar [Salvation] Council.
  • Moreover, [Name Deleted by Shimron] of the Accordance Front attended one of the [Salvation Council] meetings led by the despicable criminal
  • Shaykh al-Dulaimi even went on to congratulate al-Rishawi on the success of his venture. By contrast, Shaykh al-Dulaimi—this man of Shariah—has never even once offered a compliment to a suicide bomber who has blown himself up at an American military base or sacrificed himself for the stolen honor of those held in prisons—especially Abu Ghraib prison.”
  • “In addition, the same brothers from [the Anbar Salvation Council] proudly established the Diyala Support Center, or Council, that was used to strike at the mujahideen and to reveal their weaknesses across Iraq.
  • Assisting them in their war were armed factions from the Muslim
    Brotherhood led by Hamas in Iraq and JAAMI [the Iraqi Islamic Resistance Front].
  • These groups worked hard to uncover the concealed weapons of the Mujaheddin and finally stood side-by-side with the occupiers and fought us while wearing their civilian outfits that carry a special identification mark for the occupiers to identify them with.
  • These various factions were even complimented by the American commander in Baquba [Colonel David] Sutherland, who said ‘the
    1920 Revolution Brigades are the actual guardians in Baquba, they are mostly leading the march to fight the terrorists and we trust them and their commanders deeply and we shall work on incorporating them into the police and Iraqi army.’ These 1920 Revolution Brigades are, in fact,
    units from Hamas in Iraq or similar groups that previously used other names.
  • In addition, the 1920 Revolution Brigades have been very active in the districts of Abu Ghraib and Zuba and have worked closely with the Americans and the apostate National Guard.
  • Their actions were noted more than once by leaders from the Association of Muslim Scholars, who frequently cautioned them about the deceptions of the Americans and asked those involved to join the resistance
    against the occupiers. However, they desired not to do so.”
  • The following is a list of crimes [committed
    by insurgent traitors]:”
    “1.) Broadcasting false propaganda against the Islamic State—from questioning the faith of its soldiers to finally backstabbing them.”
    “2.) Mobilizing some of the tribal Shaykhs against their mujahideen sons and justifying their actions based upon erroneous claims and by pointing out some of the actual mistakes committed by the mujahideen. Needless to say, these mistakes happen on every battlefield, even back
    during the era of the Prophet Mohammed.”
    “3.) Establishing councils of treachery and betrayal across the cities of Iraq while providing support for them with political and Shariah principles. Also, inviting the public to join these councils and abandon their religion.”
    “4.) Legitimizing the institutions of the apostate [Iraqi] government by actively participating in them, from the infidel parliament and local municipal councils to their despicable crime of approving the secular constitution for the apostate state.”
    “5.) Aiding the occupiers and their government by putting constant pressure on Arab states to open embassies in Iraq and to support the peace process (i.e. the willingness of Saudi Arabia to open a new embassy in Baghdad).”
    “6.) Extending the period of occupation by convincing the American administration that there soon will be a coming victory and an end to the armed conflict—and also by spreading fear amongst members of the American administration regarding the consequences of an early
    withdrawal and the impact of a mujahideen takeover.”
    “7.) Ignoring all of the sacrifices of the Sunni people, especially the ones made by the mujahideen.
  • “8.) Their continuing proclamations that the dangers posed by the Islamic State are greater than those posed by the Americans and apostates.”
    “9.) Being officially and directly involved in fighting both specifically the Islamic State and the mujahideen in general and implementing it by joining the Iraqi police and army forces, including in Baquba and Anbar.
  • “10.) They have misrepresented themselves in the media. Not just merely expressing their public disapproval with our war—as Hamas and its sister armed factions have done—in reality, they were engaged in a fierce, multi-faceted war targeting us (the mujahideen). Several fighting brigades
    have joined this phony project and falsely presented themselves as Salafi organizations.
  • Those who are attempting to bring down the young Muslim
    nation in Mesopotamia
  • We shall continue to launch strikes upon them until their satanic
    leader consents to the conversion of any Yazidi to Islam… The world has witnessed our actions—
  • “Others who had previously claimed to be neutral also have attacked the Muslims. An excellent example of this is the degenerate crusader country of Sweden,
  • We are witnessing every single villain attacking us—from the worshippers of the cross all the way to the worshippers of the cows—we are witnessing
    our blood and honor being taken away.
  • We are being stabbed in the back every time we try to stand up tall and fight to regain the price of our ancestors.
  • We say now, to all of you—slaves of the cross and material possessions—that we are a nation blessed by Islam.
  • You will learn how to kneel down in humiliation. You will learn how to officially apologize for your crime against our Prophet Mohammed.
  • We know how best to force you to back down and apologize for your

(About Sweden)

  • We reserve the right to punish those who committed the crime.[of posting a cartoon of their prophet]
  • If you do not apologize,then your industrial giants will be attacked. Companies such as Ericsson, Scandia, Volvo, Ikea, Electrolux, and others will be legitimate targets. You have been warned…
  • [“People of Mesopotamia: I realize that many of you were victims of a major disinformation campaign led by those who failed us filled with promises of peaceful living.
  • As a result, many young men were tempted to join the campaign and became employed as agents and traitors for this government while buried under endless titles.
  • This is a call for awakening and assistance…We have become aware that many of these young men have since realized the lie that they are
    serving under and wish to beg for forgiveness.

O’ brothers, realize that working with the devil while forsaking your religion… shall bring hard times and miseries upon you. I promise you that hiding behind strong fortresses and driving armored vehicles… will not stop us from reaching you because Allah is on our side and you will certainly realize that the moment that we cut your head off…”

  • Bush also added [in a recent speech] regarding the soldiers of
    the Islamic State in Mesopotamia that ‘they are seeking the return of the Caliphate from Spain to Indonesia’… Frankly, this has been the result of only a fraction of our actual capabilities because of the negative impact on our operations caused by agents and traitors.”
  • Seek death and spread fear amongst the enemies of Allah and continue along on your path to Paradise… The greatest reward goes to those who fight the enemies of Allah… especially during the nights of Ramadan.”
    “ So do not miss this opportunity to declare jihad during the best month of the year…

Read the Full Document @ The NEFA Foundation

Here is A Great supporting commentary by Douglas Farah.

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