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Saturday, September 29, 2007

LAIICO has had a website update:


Realizing the importance of telecommunications sector for developing economies, LAAICO intends to expand investing in this dynamic field in line with its present joint venture in the Republic of Niger (SONITEL) and The Islamic Republic of Comoros (Comcell).


Taking in consideration the enormous potential of mineral resources in the African continent, the Libyan Arab African Investment company didn’t ignore these potentials by investing in joint companies like Ashanti Goldfields, Mifergui - Nimba for steel production and Cocamines and Oryx Natural Resources for diamond mining, on a sound economical basis. Plans are underway for investing in other minerals such as tantalum, silicon, manganese . . . etc.

Tourism & Real Estate
LAAICO boasts a portfolio of diverse product range of hotels having over 3500 rooms rated from 3 to 5-stars, from city center hotels catering mainly to the growing demand of businessmen to lodges in the heart of Africa’s finest wildlife national parks.
Some of those hotels and lodges are owned outright by LAAICO, others are jointly owned. Most are being managed by professional management companies, thus optimizing quality control and guest satisfaction.

The availability of raw materials, local and international markets for the end product, the long practical experience in Africa, are all factors which induced LAAICO to turn its attention to investing substantially in the industrial sector encompassing forestry & timber production, natural rubber processing , fruit juice processing, fresh water bottling and garment manufacturing.

Moreover, plans are also underway to invest in tobacco, plastic industries and the expansion in fruit juice processing & concentrates.

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