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Sunday, June 24, 2007

How Corporate SponsorshIp Finances Terrorists

Though the most open funders were shut down in 2002, and there is a succesful on-going process to shut down more. However, there is a system of financing which is still very active.
Al Qaeda and other terrorst groups have developed a constant supply of funds with which to pay recruiter and marketing expenses, guns, bombs, food, fuel and bullets. It is a system of corporate and privite indiviudal support encouraged by the Islamic principles of Sharia, Zakat, Sukuk, and Taqiyya. These practices makes this funding not jusrt acceptable, but a moral obligation to Salafist Muslims .

According to Wikipedia,

"Salafism is a movement within Sunni Islam. It includes many groups and shades of belief. It is strongest in the Middle East, but it is also found in most other Muslim-majority countries (see Islam by country and Demographics of Islam). It is increasingly important to diasporic Muslims in Europe, Canada, and the United States."

The net result is that there are businesses all around the western world, in Majority Christiain countries that can finance Terrorism.

Here is one way it works. It creates plausible deiniability of responsiblity by using multiple zakat facilitaors. I'm sure Money Laundering specialists have another term for it. Here is how it works:

A devout Salafist Muslim, often a member of powerful business and political network like the Muslim Brotherhood has a business or family of businesses, (like NASCO) that is required to pay Zakat, in accordance with Sharia law. So see how pervasive is this practice, do the following google search "Zakat AND Bank" . Read what those pages have to say...Tihis search recently generated over 408,000 hits.

Back to the islamic businss: One of their bank realtionships is with an Islamic Bank, whith has a Sharia Advisory Council. The bank's Council collects all the Zakat payments and determines how they will be distributed. Now the Business owner is removed from direct knowledge of the next steps, as they do not generally participate in the Advisory Council.

  1. The council will come up with a distribution plan, which is reviewed by an Islamic Law specialist, a Mufti, who issues a Fatwa, or Islamic ruling, that declares the plan meets Sharia requirements. The plan may never again be available for public scruitiny.
  2. Before 9/11/01, There were some Saudi funds specifically dedicated to support Jihad, informally called Account 98 .
  3. The eintire system will be audited, and passed by someone certified in Islamic Accounting, who also knows Zakat funds may be used for Jihad, according to Sharia.
  4. Among those receiving the Zakat funds will be one or more Islamic Charities and NGOs. These organizations have their own councils for distribution of funds, and in addition to direct aid, may give funds to other groups.
  5. Some of theses recipients of Zakat Funds support groups which have sworn support for al Qaeda.
  6. These groups then use existing criminal and arms dealing networks to bringing in or buy recruits, arms, bullits, explosives, food, fuel, computers, telecom support. What ever they need. Thats another story for another day.
  7. The original Islamic businesses that funded Jihad are 4 or 5 levels removed from having any idea about where their money goes. Their money and profits are being used, Nonetheless, to fund terrorism.

It is my belief that many Islamic businesses know full well which banks and which funds to use if they are inclined to support Jihad, but want to remain distant.

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