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Saturday, June 23, 2007

NASCO's Family Connection to al Taqwa Bank

Al Taqwa , the funding Bank, Financed terrorist supporting businesses all over the world. The Bank's Director Ahmed Idris Nasreddin, had assets frozen all over the world after 911. NASCO Group in Nigeria, a thriving and profitable food processing and real estate company, was owned by Nasreddin's son Attia A. Nasreddin.

To avoid Being Shut down, NASCO suddenly turned up being owned by a Amana Holdings, based in Panama. And though the Commonwealth of Massachusetts lists the entire NASCO group as a suspected terrorist organization, the NASCO group is still operating today.

A Check of Amana Holdings in Panama by NBC Showed that Ahmed Idris Nasreddin was President.

To date nothing has happened the NASCO, who appears to have expanded operations since then. The Still Sponsor Sporting tournaments and events., etc.

Nasco Group Nigeria Ltd Yakubu Gowon Way
Old Airport Road Junction P.M.B. 2722,
Jos, Nigeria Tel: 234 - 73 - 463175/463347 234 - 73 - 463553Fax: 234
(1) 2616873E-mail:

In 2005, the likely reason there was no pressure was Charles Taylor. N0w the He is safely on trial in the Hague, there is a new reason. A New Nigerian President.

We will keep chronicling these Companies until action is taken

-Shimron Issacahr

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