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Friday, July 15, 2011

Senegal Muslims Becoming Radicalized

It looks like Senegal may be moving from a Tier One to a Tier Two level in Islamist Radicalization.

The following article notes that Muslims in Senegal are becoming increasingly hostile toward non-Muslims groups, specifically Christian. The author assumes that it is a result of AQIM activity. Though it's possible that AQIM is behind it, I would not rule out Boko Haram from Nigeria.

An investigator needs to look at at least three other sources as well:

1. NGO/Religious Dawa' visits to Senegal over the last 3-5 years, especially groups out of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. (See "Alms for Jihad" list)
2. Hizbolla has been running logistics through Senegal for years; see if Iran has had contact with current radicalized groups.
3. Any connections to Ivory Coast? Now that Muslim politics have succeeded there, are there experienced agitators from there that have moved into Senegal?

7/13/2011 -
Senegal has a long standing reputation for democratic stability and harmonious relations with non-Muslim people.Recent attacks on Christian Churches and violent and intimidating actions against English speaking Christian immigrants from other West African Countries are therefore completely contrary to Senegalese custom and practice.

  • Consequently,there is now a growing feeling on the ground in Senegal that elements of the AQIM have infiltrated anti-government groups to instigate violence at political demonstrations and to stir up inter-faith conflict.
  • This feeling has grown over the weekend with eye witness reports of further acts of intimidation and violence towards African Christians, in Yoff, Grand Yoff, Cicap, and parts of The Medina which are suburbs of Dakar, the capital of Senegal.
  • All these suburbs have a high concentration of English speaking, Christian African Immigrants.

The AQIM has developed from a small insurgency into an expanding terrorist organization within the Sahel region of Africa.Large parts of Mauritania,Mali,Niger,and Southern Algeria are now effectively under their control.These are also key transportation areas for drug cartels and commercial scale human trafficking gangs.

Apart from French Foreign Minister Alan Juppe and The President of Mauritania Mohamed Aziz,politicians have largely ignored the threat that the AQIM pose in Africa, and it is more than likely that the size of the membership of the AQIM has been severely underestimated.

The current President of Senegal,Abdoulay Wade, retires in 2012 as he has served the maximum term in office under the Senegalese Constitution. The AQIM may have seen an opportunity to expliot an uncertain political situation and expand their area of operation into Senegal.

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