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Saturday, July 09, 2011

7 Steps 6 Years later Islamist Plans in Africa:

As a follow up to:
I wanted to summarize the status of the plan as it has been implemented in Africa, and how it might look in the future, with some ways to shut it down.

The Global Caliphate Movement in Africa has always worked in three tier depth:
  1. Da'wa (education, radicalization) very deep battle
  2. Equipping of local Salafist Rebel Groups or political parties
  3. Jihad (al Qaeda and other Salafist rebel fighting groups)
There has been a succesful attrition of top Jihad leaders world wide, and this will continue,
but Jihadica suggests that priority for al Qaeda resources, for now, will be to leverage the Arab Spring uprisings to move the "Apostate States" toward Sharia, with an emphasis now on Syria. This was always one of al Qaeda's Objectives (See 7 Steps) .

In Africa it will be a bit different.

Da'wa Tier

Targets: South Africa, Malawi, Angola, Madagascar, Namibia even Botswana

This is the most overlooked assault on Africa. Salafi teachers and large Mosques in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and even the west develop relationships in Countries with tiny minority Muslim populations, or in areas with Sufi Muslim areas. These wealthy mosques, underwritten by very large and well known Muslim Charity NGOs send teams of young people into countries to teach the Salafi way. This radicalized both the visotr and the visited. Salafism lays the religious fundamental groundwork that in generations to come will produce Mujahadeen and then martyrs.

What seems to have happened in Africa is that these seed-planter mujaheddin are operating under much more scrutiny than before.

The best option here is to make sure someone locally listens to the teachings, records the names of the organizations and people who are teaching Jihad or global caliphate doctrine during their da'wa. Then, track their movements.

Equipping Tier

Targets: the Congos, Cameroon, Gabon Tanzania, Malawi (Until recently Nigeria) Now, Libya, Egypt, (Syria and Yemen are not in Africa, but fall into the Equipping Strategy) It is possible that South Africa will soon have strong Muslim political parties supported by outsiders.

There are established Minority Muslin Communities here, these communities haves strong ties and support from outside Salfist communities. Though many of their local practices are not yet strictly fundamental Salafi Islam, Their is a flow of Muslim money and business that comes from outside. They fund political opposition parties, and often train militias or send key local Muslim leaders to other countries for Jihad.

Jihad Tier
  • Sudan: A Base for Global Jihad - A picture of what Islamic Emirates would try to do if in power- They share borders with 9 ohter countires, and have tried to destabilize them all except Egypt. Lots of traing camps running there
  • Eritrea: Supporting Jihad against Ethiopia and in Somalia
  • The Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab is fighting Jihad in Somalia, trying to export it to Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and is training many foreign fighters there.
  • The Sahel: Al Qaeda in the Magharebia (AQIM) is fighting in Niger, Mali Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria. Recently rearmed , acquired SA-7 Anti Aircraft shoulder fired missiles from Libya Rebels. Multi-national cooperation against them has been recently successful, but they
In this three tiered battle to bring all of Africa under a global Caliphate :

At the deepest Daw'a tier level:
Governments need to exposing the connections of tier one actors to Tier three child murdering groups. Like cutting off the blood supply to a growing a cancer, this will starve the Jihad to death by cutting of recruits. Not much is being done to fight this battle, and it is the healthiest tier so far. Recruits are growing from all over Africa.

At the mid-level Equipping Tier:
An accurate list of political groups being supported by al Qaeda related funders needs to be developed, shared and released to press groups. Training of Armed Groups should be attacked militarily, bringing the second tier groups into the the third tier before the fighters are skilled, and the units well trained.

At the Front line tier, Jihad:

Continue to develop Human Intelligence, forensic financial investigation, exposure of hidden individuals to the public, and continue to hit leaders where ever they are, which has been the most successful front to date.

The West has made inroads in developing partnerships with African countries to fight the Third Tier, Jihad, but that has simply brought the fight up to even in Africa. In this next phase African countries will have to decided if they have stomach for a sustained fight against the 7 Step strategy.

In the second tier he West seems to have refocused assets working to identify the players through their financial transactions to work outside of Africa. This must change now just to know who all the players are and where they are active. Then they can add them to the watch lists.

In the first Tier Dawa, just read the people and organizations in Alms for Jihad, the book the Saudi family got squashed. It is still out there. Email me if you don't have it - Most of the players and organizations are still alive and well and working in Africa.

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