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Friday, January 07, 2011

Sheikh Khadar of Masagawaa arrested by al Shabaab

It appears that al Shabaab has found someone to blame for the starvation they cannot seem to address by arresting on of their own, Sheikh Khadar, of Masagawaa, for stealing aid funds for drought.


Somalia’s Al Shabaab militant group has detained regional leaders of the group in the Galgudud region of central Somalia after being charged with stealing money, local elders said Friday.

Sheikh Khadar, Al Shabaab’s Eldher district commissioner, and two other officials were taken into custody following search operations in the village of Masagawaa.

The officials were accused of stealing 300 million Somali shillings (US$9,677) which is said to have been intended to aid drought-affected Somalis in central Somalia.

No comments about the incident were immediately available from Al Shabaab’s administration in the region.

The event comes as many regions in southern and central Somalia have been hit by severe droughts after a shortage of rain for more three years.

Al Shabaab has banned more than 20 aid agencies from operating in south-central Somalia.Read more:

The Rest @ ALN

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