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Monday, January 10, 2011

Commentary - South Sudan Should Join East African Community

By Rev Titus S. Makuma (email the author)

Posted Tuesday, January 11 2011 at 00:00

There is high hope that the sun will shine brightly on South Sudanese territory as the people decide whether to secede from the north. The people of southern Sudan are focused on this historical moment which will forever define their true identity and nationality. Those in the Diaspora are anxiously looking forward to a home-coming. A place where security will be guaranteed as well as the exercise of political and socio-economic freedom.

This freedom may, however, be tested in the event that both north and south begin to contest border lines in the oil-rich regions. “It is important to work out these problems in advance as much as possible, where the border is going to run, how the oil is shared, what happens to assets, as ambiguity can be a dangerous thing,” said Roger Middleton of foreign affairs think-tank Chatham House.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has commented that after so many years of conflict, there is no mistaking the sheer appetite for peace in the south. One man remarked that the referendum will put behind their temporary status in the north where their freedom has been suffocated and grant them a land of permanence in the south where they can freely cultivate, graze cattle, build houses, educate their children and run viable businesses.

I believe this kind of sustainable development will progressively put them at the same level with the East African region.

The people of South Sudan have a lot in common with their neighbours in the East African region in terms of cultural inclination, intermarriage, trade, education and political affiliation.....

The Rest @ The Daily Monitor, Uganda

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