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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Possible Muldova AQIM Connection?

Is there a growing connection between Muldova criminal networks and AQIM? perhaps a Small Arms and Light Weapons trade for cocaine from Venezuela trafficked through west Africa?

It would make sense - Muldova is SALF heavy and possibly cocaine light, though it has Asian routes to other drugs, AQIM has been spreading alot of money around the Sahel, building bunkers and paying friends.

And they need to rearm and resupply after recent attrition. Could it be Cocaine for Arms deal? possibly throught Mali or Liberia?

  • There has been a growing Sahael - Venezuelan Trafficking connection.
  • Belmokhtar, an AQIM Sheik owns a portion of the Sahel trafficking routs(he was a trafficker before he was with AQIM, and this is his "cash cow" business.
  • European Cocaine prices have been escalating due to a shortage of supply...until recently

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