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Monday, September 14, 2009

Badr Airlines...Viktor Bout 's Sudan Connection?

Badr Airlines seems to be putting up a new website. TBDA suggests that there is Romanian interest in whether Viktor Bout is still connected to Badr...

UN peacekeeping missions in Sudan use aircraft operated by (Sudan's) Badr Airlines even after the UN Security Council recommended an aviation ban be imposed on the carrier in response to arms embargo violations

Khartoum Airport
Tel: +249120920101
VHF frequency 131.5
Ticket and reservation (24hrs):
Khartoum AirportMobile: +249912307444

International Office:
Sharjah International Airport
United Arab Emirates
Tel +971 6 557 36 88
Fax +971 6 557 36 89
Station Manager +971 50 633 54751

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