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Monday, September 14, 2009

Abderrazak El Para announces his "repentance" and called terrorists to disarm 08/05/2009 Amari Saifi, alias Abderrazak El Para, in a document entitled "Repentance and denunciation, posting have forsworn military action, saying that jihad was not legitimate" in Algeria. which obtained a copy of this document, dated February. [ in the document,] El Para-called elements of the GSPC, now Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), still in the bush, to give up the fighting army and to make weapons for the provisions of the law on civil concord.

Former senior GSPC in the Sahara region, Amari Saifi said he now believes that military action is no longer justified in Algeria.

He also acknowledged that AQIM had chosen a path that had left the religion in committing bombings and deadly criminals who do not differentiate between "small and great."

He compared the current methods of the GSPC to those of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) in the 1990s who had committed many massacres of civilians.

Abderrazak El Para was also sent to officials of the GSPC in the Sahara.

In particular, they advised to stop kidnapping foreigners.

"I advise you to stop kidnapping foreigners, as these actions do a disservice to our religion.

I was the first to have conducted such actions and I regret having done so because they are not lawful, "he said.

Calling Abderrazak El Para to repentance is the second former senior GSPC since the beginning of the year.

Beginning in January, Hassan Hattab called terrorists to lay down their weapons for the provisions of the law on civil concord.

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