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Sunday, May 31, 2009

UK and Siwss Hostage negotiations by AQIM, in Gao, Mali, Acades, Niger

London considers granting facilitations to Abu QatadaBritain and Algeria warn abductors of the two hostages

Britain has proposed to offer facilitations to abductors of detainee Abu Quatada in exchange of releasing the British national.

  • Meanwhile, both Britain and Algeria have made what it is called as “the last warning” to the kidnappers.
  • Military actions which had already been planned on the triple borderline between Algeria, Mali, Niger and Mauritania before May, are likely to be resumed, following the expiration of the two weeks ultimatum being set by Sahel countries to facilitate vain negotiations with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Britain and Switzerland, said a security source.

However, a well informed source unveiled to El Khabar that Britain has made the most interesting proposal to the Sahara Emirate at AQIM, stipulating facilitating judicial procedures to Abu Qatada, in a way so as not to harm his legal situation.

Yet, a Salafist mediator, in Europe, already played mediation role in ongoing negotiations with terror abductor group led by Yahia Djouadi, mentioned that Abu Qatada is wanted by several countries, including France, Spain and Jordan, therefore releasing Abu Qatada means setting him subject to prosecution and abduction, the same source added.

However, the two abov ementioned hostages are likely to be released sooner, according to echoes coming from the place where secret negotiations are being conducted, namely in Gao, in Mali, and Acades, in Niger.

Yet, an Algerian security source had ruled out that Abu Amar group to dare and execute the British hostage, before the expiration of the two weeks ultimatum given to the British Government to release Abu Qatada.

The latter is considered as theorist of terror groups.

El Khabar source further said: “we’ve got guarantees from many influent parties in northern Mali and Niger over the life of the British hostage;” pointing out that “elders in tribes close to Algeria mentioned that Abu Amar group tends to release sooner the two hostages in exchange of some guarantees and an 8 millions euros ransom.”

On another side, Algerian security services and British Foreign Intelligence Services have both warned Sahara Emirate at AQIM of the consequence of touching the life of the two hostages. Algeria and Britain’s security services threatened to launch a wide military action targeting at eradicating the abductors and parties supporting them.

31-05-2009 By A.N/ Translation A.Ait El Hara 

The Rest @ al Khabar

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