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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Internal on Commentary by Taliban on Taliban Losses in Pakistan

Due to the latest military statements from the Pakistani Army, there have been a few brothers that have voiced their concern. Other than my own opinion that these statements are lies and a way to make themselves feel better, there are some important things to remember:

Patience is key; everyone thought the Taliban in Afghanistan was brought to an end. Few years later, they surprised everyone and re-wrote history books as they are one of the major underlining reasons for the [upcoming] end of the American empire and the humiliation of its army. Therefore, be patient and don’t be of the opposite; this is not allowed in our religion since Allah has promised that the end belongs to the Mutaqeen.

The Mujahideen themselves don’t despair; if they did, they wouldn’t be fighting in the first place.
Remember that if Allah grants losses to the Mujahideen, then it is only for their benefit; this is due to numerous reasons such as cleansing their ranks from the Munafiqeen, and weak Muslims. Military losses test the endurance, steadfastness and patience of the fighters; if they don’t show these qualities in face of hardship, then they don’t deserve to be in the ranks of the Muflihoon.

The nature of Guerrilla War is something that military generals of conventional armies hate admitting.

They know very well that there is no such thing - when fighting a guerrilla army - as a decisive battle that will end the war. There may be major losses in some guerrilla battles, but there is never a decisive battle; rather, the lifelline of the guerrilla’s depend on their recruits, resources and influence. As long as these are alive and well, the battle can carry on for many years; for Muslims, you can add one more category to that: Deen (a comprehensive term encompassing Iman, Tawakkul, seeking knowledge, implementing Shari’ah, Love of the religion and jihad etc.). These four qualities are very strong in the TTP, so don’t expect them to all of a sudden give up like the Sri Lanka guerrilla’s.

It is incorrect to think wrongly of your brothers. Don’t think for a moment that your brothers and sons will give up jihad. Everyone thought that the Jihad in Saudi Arabia was over with the massive crackdowns and arrests by the Saudi Kingdom; today, the Mujahideen in Saudi have joined hands with their brothers in Yemen and became a powerful force once again, constantly attacking the Apostates and Kuffar, striking fear into them whilst gaining more support through their influence and media efforts.

There have been many reports that even the US Government is having a hard time believing in the number of dead Taliban that the Pakistani’s are claiming. That should tell you something.
Remember to include the Mujahideen of Pakistan in your du’a and ask your friends to do the same. The battles are getting hot and the tide can change whenever Allah wills; perhaps, it will be your du’a that will give the Mujahideen a powerful strike against the enemy.

After Allah, have hope in the actions of the Mujahideen.

Recently, the Mujahideen in Pakistan have gone on a bombing campaign in Lahore, humiliating the Murtadeen Army.

Make du’a that Allah enables them to repeat these powerful strikes that shake the thrones of the Khaasireen.

Finally, the lack of military news/media coming from the side of the Pakistani Taliban should strongly indicate the importance of participating in the global media jihad.

Quite frankly, this is so Remething they need to work on better. Influence can increase greatly when they take advantage of this field. Savvy Irhabi discussed this in more depth in our last Jihad Recollections release.

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