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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Terrorists Shangole ignores his death reports, Al-Shabaab Terrorists to face against Terrorists Mukhtar Robow Ali alias Abu Mansur.Terrorists Fuad Mohamed Shangole, among the senior leaders of Al-Shabab Terrorists hardliners in Somalia has strongly denied the recent media reports saying that he was killed in armed confrontation with Ahlu-sunna Islamist group in central Somalia as false claim spread by his enemy.

  • In an interview with Waagacusub Media on the satellite phone, Shangole said he is still alive [in] Mogadishu and verbally attacked the spokesman of Al-Shabab Terrorists Mokhtar Robow Abu-mansor for what he called his unwelcome unforgettable bad deeds.

  • “I think that any person who is among the enemy of Allah should be killed,”Terrorists Shangole told Waagacusub Media, a Part of Habar Gidir own radio station shabelle

  • [He added] that Al-Shabab leadership will take tough stand against Mansor.

  • Shangole said the act in which Mansor released some government ministers held in Baidoa seizure in early this year was un-Islamic.

  • Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade was among the former ministers released by Mansor because of clan men..

"Terrorists Mokhtar Robow made it clear about his objective and we know that he is now forming a regional administration dubbed as Bay and Bakol regional autonomy to sabotage the mujahideens,”

Shangole said.Fuad Shangole, whose father was sports veteran and well known in Mogadishu, said that he was Imam in a mosque in Sweden and left there in 2001 for his home country.

Replying about the allegation that he was a man of tribalism, Terrorists Shangole said that is baseless assertion saying that he was a man of good deeds.

Somali language "You can't listen ..Fuaad Shongole oo Waagacusub Dhageyso ama Download

I don't know what to make of it.

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