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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Romania Arms Fueling African war and Jihand

During the Cold war, Romania was the Ninth Largest Arms Exporter in the World.

Currently, there are nine (9) companies in Romain that produce Small arms and Light Weapons. These include Assault Rifles, grenades, grenade launchers, explosives and pistols.

A Number of Romanian Government officials have been implicate in illicit arms transfers, most coming out Otopemi Airport in Bucharest. Romanian arms have been found in Kosovo, Liberia, Rwanda, as as well as the Afghan Taliban.

Romanian arms supplied UNITA Rebels in Angola via Togo and Burkina Faso to, according to a 2004 Report.

Romania is under pressure to bring their arms dealings under control as they seek to join NATO.

The Romanian National Agency for Export Controls ( ANCEX ) licenses and regulates these exports. The Inter Ministerial Council ( IMC ) is the investigating agency, with representative from security and intelligence groups inside Romania. They meet monthly to approve or disapprove arms export permits. and there is evidence of regular infighting.

Source: Small Arms Control in Romania

Message and media traffic suggests that Romanian Arms are being sent to Somalia through Eritria. The weapons sales certificate, if checked by Romania, probably suggests that the arms are being bought by Eritria for its own use, however, the volume and frequency of the shipments show this is not true.

-Shimron Issachar

1 comment:

Raluca said...

Romania joined NATO in 2004, and EU in 2007. The rumours about Romanian arms in Africa / Mid East etc are not news. Do we care as people about this issue? I really doubt it. There are so many (bad) stuffs going on in the country at the socio-political and ec. level that people lack the energy to actually pay attention to others; sure that is also due to a certain type of mentality. Anyway, I look forward to read about RO as player on the international scene, and not only about the shit some at the top level do here or elsewhere.