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Friday, May 15, 2009

Shabaab' s Muktar Abdirahman Godane Threatens Media

On May 13th, 2009 Muktar AbdirahmanGodane”, leader of Al Shabaab Islamist faction has spoken via an audio recording where he urged fighters to continue the ‘jihad,’ as a Major Battle was unfolding in Mogadishu (Radio Garowe).

Godane and the Shabaab, who have assassinated numerous leaders of the Transitional Federal Government, local city leaders, kidnapped aid workers, and most recently video taped sawing off the heads with the serrated back edge of a survival knife of three live prisoners. In short they have shown their willingness to commit and record atrocities.

here is the quote threatening the media:

“I tell the media to report the facts and the truth and to play their role in the jihad…if the journalist cannot tell the truth, he should be silent and not confuse the public,” Godane warned.

Islamists believe they are bound to warn their enemy prior to an attack, and have systematically done so, including a warning before 9-11. This may be such a warning to Media sources in the Horn of Africa, especially Somalia.

The audio tape, which can only be described as "media spin" keeps trying to tie the current government with Ethiopia. This is a strong indication that he knows he is losing the support of the Somali public, now that Somalia's traditional enemy, Ethiopia, has left.

- Shimron Issachar

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