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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Somalia 2009 at a Cross Roads

Somalia, today you must choose

Life or death; to rule yourself or to be ruled.

What will you choose, for today, for tomorrow?

Your culture is Muslim, your spirit is cowboy;

The cowboy in you has been drunk with power

The Muslim in you tells you that the way to peace is through discipline,

but is that really Allah's way?

Remember, this was the teaching of Hitler and the Nazis.

One Road leads to the Caliphate;

will the kalifa respect you, love you, or will it sacrifice you

like the West, Like Italy, Like the Arabs?

Will the foreign fighters really go home. or will they train your sons

to fight in the wars of other lands, in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, in Uganda?

Will your sons want to stay and work the Land and the business of Somalia,

Or will their minds be sold into the service of the Caliphate, to fight in foreign lands

leaving your daughters unprotected, your elders vulnerable.

The Other path leads to the rebuilding of Somalia.

A new way for clans to fight with honor

a new place for the Kalashnikov of your youth

to fight, to win, to live, and to come home to your daughters.

O Somalia you must choose to have a voice to Allah, or to have the discipline of man

Does Allah want the government to be your battlefield, or your water wells?

Is it the will of Allah to grow your food and your animals to feed your children,

or the ravenous mouths of foreign fighters?

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