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Monday, January 12, 2009

Abdi Godane also named Sheik Mokhtar Abu-Zubeyr

In a recent sensitive speech made by the Imam of the terrorist Islamist group ‘Shabab’ in Somalia Ahmed Abdi Ow-Mohamud Gonade said offensive words against the moderate Muslims and democracy.

The US wanted leader Mr. Godane which now uses the name Sheik Mokhtar Abu-Zubeyr talked about the current political change in Somalia like the departure of the Ethiopian troops, the Djibouti peace accord, the efforts by the Somali Islamic scholars and the endeavor of Sheik Sharif Ahmed towards forming of new broad based government in the country.

The speech given by the name “The Islamic Values and the fiction of Democracy” delivered in Kismayo, the Shabab controlled southern port city in Somalia . Listen the speech..

“The infidels now came to understand that their plan to fight against Islamic fighters could not work by the time Somalis are sticking to their religion and now produced another tactic which by using what they called ‘the moderate Islamists as tool to defeat the Shabab.

It is obvious that the conspiracy meeting held in the US base, Djibouti masterminded that the moderate Islamic group united with the renegade government to,” said in the speech.
Godane added :

“We know that along side the Djibouti meeting, there was another conference attended by so-called selected scholars where they founded an organization dubbed ‘Al-Wifaaq’ aimed to undermine the power of Muslims,”

Godane also said there are so-called Islamists who are working out bringing Jihadists against each other. “the hatred by the so-called clerics on the pure Muslims was a long standing matter,”
What do you know about Shabab Leader?

  • Ahmed Abdi Ow Mohamud Godane was born in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland 10 July 1977.
  • He is from Arab sub-clan in Isaq clan, one of the dominant clan in northern Somalia .
  • He had received a scholarship in Pakistan funded by Saudi blind millionaires.
  • He used to visit in Afghanistan during holidays
  • In 2001, physically tin, Godane returned to Hargeisa, Somaliland . He began preaching in Abu-Bashir mosque in central Hargeisa between 2002 and 2003.
  • During that time, Mr. Godane organized some terror attacks against Somaliland security.
  • September 19 2002, a group loyal to Godane kidnapped a car owned by WFP.
  • The terror mission led by Jama Kutiye who late caught Dhoqoshley by the Somaliland security forces.
  • December 30, 2000, Godane’s men assassinated Martin in front of his Hotel in Hargeisa.
  • Also May 10, 2003, he was responsible for the killing against Analena Tonelli who was an Italian aid worker operating in Borame hospital.
  • November 8, 2003, Godane was the master minder of the killing on British couple who were teachers in a school located in Sheekh.
  • He was working for Ex-Barakat Telesom, Somaliland .
  • Later Godane escaped from Somaliland follwing a row with some of his group over a large amount of money they roped from an Ethiopian businessman and then fled southern Somalia after committing several criminal acts. His escape was facilitated by his brother who was police officer.
  • Godane was doing the terror operations along with a Somalilander man who was holding a US citizenship and called Ibrahim Hajji Jama known as ‘Ibrahim Afkhani’
  • Godane and Afkhani both had trainings in Afghanistan and made friends in southern Somalia where they diverted their mission and doubled it.
  • April 27, 2006, the security forces foiled a terror attack by Godane’s men aimed to kill foreign observers who were monitoring the election in Somaliland . The forces found explosives after the raid.
  • When the Islamic Courts Union came to power in southern Somalia in 2006 Mr. Godane who gave himself the name ‘Abu-Zubeyr became the general secretary for ICU.
    During the start of the war with Ethiopia late 2006, Godane got wounded and flown to Sudan for medical treatment.
  • He was brought back in southern Somalia February 2007 where he continued his terror mission.

Compiled by Waagacusub editor

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