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Friday, January 30, 2009

Salafi Group in the US Has Weekly Conference Calls with Islamists

The Somaliland government arrested 11 US residents who were smuggling Anti-Aircraft Missiles into Hargeisa. According to source from from Somaliland government these 11 people have allegedly received training from Al-Shabaab in the use of these weapons. The Somaliland government has information that indicates these weapons were originated from Eritrea and transported to Galgudud region in Somalia, where the accused received training from Al-Shabaab.

Somaliland American Council has previously called on Somaliland-Americans on December 12, 2008 to help United States authorities by reporting any suspecious information about these people.

  • There are reports that indicate that Somali-Americans who practice conservative Islam has weekly conference calls presumably for educational purpose;
  • Al-Shabaab is invited as guest-speakers from Somalia,
  • During these conference calls Al-Shabaab uses the opportunity for recruiting by making appeals to the faith and patriotic emotions of the Somali-youth to fight Ethiopia and its friends in the Horn of Africa
  • Somaliland is considered a friend of Ethiopia and the West.

On October 29, 2008; there have been three simultaneous car-suicide attacks on Somaliland; at the Presidential Palace, at the UNDP building, and the Ethiopian Embassy. Thirty innocent people have lost their lives.

  • The six men who committed the terrorist attacks on Oct 29 were US residents who left the United States and joined Al-Shabaab to attack Somaliland.
  • In this report today another 11 US residents have been arrested by the Somaliland government alleggedly for smuggling Anti-Aircraft Missiles into Hargeisa.

Somaliland American Council (SAC) is concerned about the fact that Al-Shabaab is waging consistent attacks on Somaliland; which are becoming more dangerous and more lethal attacks, the fact that US residents or Somali-American are carrying out these attacks, and Somaliland is distracted by the upcoming Presidential elections on 3/29/09.

SAC is calling on all Somaliland-Americans to help Somaliland by fighting Al-Shabaab in the United States

We must form close relationships with the US authorities to deny Al-Shabaab an opportunity to attack United States and Somaliland.

We believe today it is Somaliland and tomorrow it will be the United States; unless we stop them now, we must do this as US citizens to protect the United States and help stop these attacks on Somaliland.

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