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Friday, January 09, 2009

Romanian Police Work That Helped Capture Viktor Bout

Published in the Romainan Paper Ziua in Romainian on 5th of January 2008

Borders with Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova are the hottest borders for criminal activity [in Eastern Europe]

According to a report of the General Inspectorate of Border Police (IGPF), in 2008 the "hottest" border for infractions were Hungary, followed by Moldova and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, there were decreased infractions from the the border with Bulgaria, but [there were more] with Serbia.

Border police have found more than 28,500 of illegal acts, with about three per cent more compared to 2007. ".

"Most illegal acts were recorded in
  • illegal migration
  • forgery and use of forgery
  • human trafficking
  • smuggling of consumer goods.

Romanian border police had a vital contribution to the capture of arms trafficker Viktor Bout, in March 2008.

Following the cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the U.S., which led to the detainment, in June 2007, a terrorist Monzer Al Kassar, border police in the IGPF - Directorate for Combating cross-border crime (DCIT) were asked [by] U.S. authorities to identify and retain one of the biggest arms traffickers in the world, Viktor Bout.

  • For two weeks, officers from the DCIT - IGPF held information-operative actions to locating trafficker and probarii shares its international traffic of illegal weapons.
  • Together with DEA agents, arrived in Bucharest, the Romanian border police have established several actions catching Bout on existing information that he would be interested to meet some "beneficiaries of arms, including Romania.
  • Discussions were monitored between Bout, one of the [local officials] and its undercover investigators on carrying a consignment of weapons in Colombia, worth $ 5 million, to "attract" to Romania in orde .
  • Weapons were to be bought and sold by Bout [to the] FARC (Armed Forces Columbiene revolutionary).
  • vidence obtained after information-operative activities carried out in Romania, with the support of the Romanian border police, have led to the arrest and criminalization of Viktor Bout for the offense of conspiracy and association to illegal trafficking of arms to terrorist organizations.

Mobs in Romania

Local Police have detained several major criminals, looking to trafficking in arms, drugs, etc.. [to Europe]

In July 2008, border guards spotted Angelo Moretti, for 53 years, with 18 criminal convictions in Italy and watched by authorities Peninsula for "mafia-type association, evasion and disruption of industrial or commercial activities" and for prisoners of illegal weapons, explosive materials, acts of violence, outrage and attempted murder.

  • Italian, accompanied by master Zafer Yussuf, 43 years, on behalf of whom the Italian authorities [emmssaries] brought arrest warrant for the port illegal arms and drug trafficking, trying to get illegally in Greece.
  • The two were caught by border guards of the PTF Calafat, Dolj County, on 14 July 2008, to questions the [legitimacy of their]the Italian identity card.
  • The two were handed to Italian authorities via Interpol bureau.

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