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Monday, August 25, 2008

Robow Abu-Mansur Gives Speech in Kismaayo, Somalia

August 25, 2008, (Terror Free Somalia)

Terrorist , Al-Shabaab, has addressed Kismaayo city residents for the first time. Terrorist Robow (Abu-Mansur), the spokesman of the armed religious movement al-Shabaab, delivered a multifaceted lengthy speech to a gathering of people in Kismayo city, Jubadda Hoose Region (Southern Somalia).

  • "Our fighters are pursuing Marehan clan army" (jubbland army)that controlled Kismayo]
  • He also stated that jehadist administration would be set up for the city.
  • Speaking on the recent fighting in Kismayo city and other places in lower Jubba Region, the al-Shabaab jehadist spokesman claimed that they attained major victories in the fighting.
  • [Robow] said the war they were waging would not be confined to lower Jubba and middle Jubba regions but it would be carried out "elsewhere as well" "Thank God for granting us victory over those who brought the enemy into the country, and we say to them that we will follow them every place where they set foot," the Terrorist said.

This is the first time the al-ShabaabTerrorist spokesman has delivered a speech in Kismayo since they [Islamists] captured the city.

(The Islamic Courts Union (ICU) said on Sunday that it had wrested control of the southern port city from clan militias a day earlier. ICU Terrorist forces moved into Kismayo at the request of its residents, and the city "will remain under Islamic control", said Terrorist sheik Ibrahim Shukri, a spokesman for the ICU in , which controlled the capital, Mogadishu, and much of the south for six months in 2006.

Two foreign journalists - a Canadian woman and an Australian man - were kidnapped while travelling near Mogadishu on Saturday, two Somali civilians said.

Journalists and relief workers are frequently abducted for ransoms in Somalia, even those who travel in convoys heavily guarded by freelance armed men.

A report on the website of Canada's National Post newspaper identified the woman as 27-year-old Amanda Lindhout, her father, John Lindhout, as saying she had recently arrived in the country with an Australian friend who was also kidnapped.

An official at the hotel where the two were staying in Mogadishu identified the man only as Nigel, a 27-year-old from Australia.Their Somali translator was also kidnapped, according to reports from Mogadishu.

In Kismayo, the International Committee of the Red Cross delivered by plane two tons of medical supplies to Kismayo Hospital on Saturday, said Nicole Engelbrecht, an ICRC spokeswoman.

Also there was fighting in Afmadow, about 110km northwest of Kismayo, during which 135 people were wounded.She said the agency did not have details of fatalities.

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