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Monday, August 25, 2008

AQIM Threatens Canadians in Africa UnlessThey Leave Afghanistan

A senior Taliban official has issued a very specific warning to the government of Canada and the people of this country that they will be targeted deliberately and with every intent to obliterate their presence in Afghanistan if Canadian troops are not pulled out of the country.

This is fair warning, we're informed, because Canadian troops, along with other countries' forces representing the international community in Afghanistan have occupied a sovereign country.The fanatical Taliban represent a legal presence in the country, since they are native to the country. NATO troops are not, and their presence there represents a challenge to the Taliban, Whose only purpose in battling the infidel presence is to restore Islam to the country, under Shariah law, a reality that the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan overturned.

  • The Taliban leadership purports to be outraged that Western forces have inadvertently - on lamentably too-frequent occasions targeting Taliban forces, but bombing off-target - killed Afghans.
  • That the Taliban deliberately murder Afghans is a reality denied by them.They have pledged themselves to deliver a complementary dispatch to Canadian troops in their country. It is, after all, their country. To dispose within as they choose.
  • Not, however, according to the current government of Afghanistan which has gone out of its way to reassure international troops that their presence is a requirement to permit the re-building of vital infrastructure, and to fend off the advance of the Taliban.This is the same Taliban that indiscriminately murders Afghan civilians, police and members of the armed services at will. To ensure that their message is delivered and well understood. Yet, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda, in the wake of harsh condemnation from some Islamic clerics and governments, now seek to distance themselves from that reality by claiming to have the best interests of Muslims at heart.

Recently, Al-Qaeda in the Magreb bombed a SNC-Lavalin bus taking the Canadian company's employees to their workplace in Algeria, result; all locally-engaged Algerians.

AQIM claimed the attack had long been planned to kill Canadians, and they celebrated the success of their mission, claiming the victims to be Canadian.Their statement claimed the attackers "made sure that passengers on the protected bus were Canadian citizens.

The Rest 0f the Commentary @ Generalspeaking

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