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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Iran is Funding Sunni Insurgencies - Why?

Iran, the capital of shiia Islam, is beginning to fund, train or arm Sunni insurgencies.

Karzai the President of the Western supported Afghan government, said recently "Afghanistan and Iran have never been as friendly as they are today" and noted that Iran has been contributing to Afghanistan’s reconstruction for the past five years.

Yet they are also supplying the Taliban - who are fighting to overthrow Karzi's government, with arms

So Iran is deceptively supplying everybody....Why?

  • al Qaeda in Mesopotamia has been killing Shias, armed with Shia supplied weapons. Iran's only "win" out of this is to destabilize Iraq enough to justify an invasion. (taking a play from the Syrian -Lebanese Handbook.
  • They gave arms to al Qaeda in Lebanon so they could gather intelligence on the Lebanese army - you notice Hizbollah is sitting this one out.
  • By supplying arms to both sides in Afghanistan, they destabilize the region. and fight Westerners
  • They are equipping al Qaeda in Somalia - why? I don't know yet.

In a nutshell, the Shiite state is looking for legitimacy in Islam. They are a minority, considered a "cult" by most other Muslims. An American similarity is the Mormon (LDS) church and evaglicalism. LDS leaders are constantly marketing the church is just another Christian religion, and they would love to be asked to come to the mainstream party.

Shias and Sunnis have a similar relationship.

The Shiias are happy to talk to the Sunnis

...It shows the desperation of al Qaeda that they are willing to take anything from a Shia

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