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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Arabs Weigh in on Sudan

There was an interesting meeting this last weekend, alegedly called by and occuring in Tripolli, Libya. It was a sort of public "intervention" With Sudan on Darfur. Egypt Commited troops to the Peace keeping force. All good, But at first glance it looks more like Arab cover for Sudan. First pass at the Rehortic shows that the Libya and other Arab sates are setting themselves up as mediators between Sudan and the rest of the world as the world gets ready to bring Real Sanctions.

...I think it will get Sudan more time to accomplish its goals..Were there any more clandesined arms shipments into Northern Africa during this conference?

Algeded Attendees were Representatives from:
  • Libya
  • Sudan
  • Chad
  • Egypt
  • Eritria
  • the five permanent members of the UN Security Council
  • the European Union
  • the League of Arab States

Intersting but not surprising to note that neither Ethiopia nor Uganda was there. This was an Arab party, the EU and UN were guests.

Muammar Gaddafi Opened the session and

  • Accused Darfur rebels of seeking to internationalize the conflict.
  • Cautioned the international community against too much intervention in the Darfur issue.

The 2 Day meeting ended and they released a communique, the Tripoli Consensis

Gaddafi again sets himself up as the Arab Link to Africa, and puts himself in position to intervene diplomatically in the future if the UN troops get too close to the Janjueed.

A good article from China net

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