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Friday, May 04, 2007

Al Qaeda's Guerilla War in Africa

Che Geuvarra, in his book "Guerrilla Warfare" quotes His friend Joe Marti' as saying:

"He who wages war in a country, where he can avoid it, is a criminal, just as he who fails to promote a war which cannot be avoided is a criminal."

Al Qaida seems to have taken this strategic approach in Africa. Though most of the social conditions, the history, the regions, the cutures are different their methods are the same.

Therefore, it is worth a study of their movements and doctrine.

Other Guerrilla warfare movements:

Mao Zedong,
Abd el-Krim,
T. E. Lawrence,
Vo Nguyen Giap,
Josip Broz Tito,
Michael Collins,
Tom Barry,
Che Guevara,
Ho Chi Minh,
Charles de Gaulle.
A note: Most of the above movements failed, ending in the violent death of their leaders,
unless they were fighting alongside, or in conjunction with, a regular army.

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