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Friday, May 25, 2007

Al Qaeda Murders more Civilian Sunnis

al Qaeda in Iraq is punishing Takfir Sunnis...

First, they recruited estranged Sunnis in Iraq to fight Americans and British. This worked until the Sunni Militias discovered the black hearts of al Qaeda in Iraq, who murder their own brothers. In the last few weeks, thousands of Sunni fighters have defected to the Iraqi government.

Someone then decided the traitors had to pay.

Yesterday, al Qaeda in Mesopotamia conducted another in a series of anti-Kafir-Sunni attacks. First they baited the trap by assassinating a senior Sunni official, Allawi al-Issawi,and three hours later when the funeral procession had gathered, they sent in a suicide bomber that killed many more Sunnis.

This two-step process to mass murder is a frequent tactic of al Qaeda. Since this tactic has now spread to the Palestinian territories, and since many suicide bombers come from Africa, there is a possibility al Qaeda will try it here. Local officials can take steps to prevent the success of these tactics, if they plan.

  • Local police should secure the funeral path.
  • They should ask local family of the assassinated individual to check each person allowed into the secure area.
  • They should have their own snipers in hidden areas aimed at each check point
  • They should have a blast barrier of shrapnel absorbent material near each check point, so that if a person kills themselves, the shrapnel will be kept from the mourners,

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