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Monday, March 12, 2007

Libyan Arab African Investment Company Holdings

The Libyan Foreign Investment Company (LAFICO-MALI)
Location : Bamako -Mali
Date of Establishment: 1998
Participation: 100% LAAICO.
Activity: LAFICO-MALI owns Hotel de l’Amitie in Bamako which is being up-graded to a 4 star international standard .
It is also a shareholder in the National Tobacco Company (SONATAM). Plans are also underway to establish a fruit juice processing plant.

Societe Nigerienne des Telecommunications (SONITEL)
Location : Niamey
Date of Participation: 2001
Participation: 51% LAAICO. & STRATEGIC PARTNER
49% Government of Niger
Activity: Telecommunications
Other interests of LAAICO include:
The purchase of a parcel of land of 6017 M2 .
The purchase of Kolo farm of 50 hectares.
In addition , LAAICO is in the process of establishing an administrative, commercial, residential building complex in Niamey.

The Libyan Foreign Investment Company(LAFICO -TCHAD)
Location : N’djamena, Tchad
Date of Establishment: 1997
Participation: 100% LAAICO
Activity: Industrial, hotels and real estate; owns a mineral water plant, garment factory. The company is currently constructing a 5 star 200-room hotel in N’djamena and an administrative, commercial, residential complex.

South Africa
Ensemble Hotel Holdings
Location : Johannesburg, South Africa
Date of Establishment: 1999
Participation: 100% LAAICOActivity: hotels & real estate- The company owns the 5-star Michelangelo Hotel having 242 rooms located in Johannesburg.- Owns 40% of Legacy Hotel Holdings which manages and participates in another chain of hotels, namely: 1- Portswood –102 Rooms.2- Kwa Maritane-90 Rooms3- Baku Bung-76 Rooms.4- Commodore-232 Rooms.5- Checodore 10 Rooms.6- owns a land of (4186Sq m) to be exploited with private partner to construct a 33 stories tower block.

Libyan Arab Holding Company (GLAHCO)
Location : Accra, Ghana
Date of Establishment: 1982
Participation: 65.5% LAAICO 34.5% The government of Ghana
Activity: 1)- Glahco Hotels & Tourism Development Company Ltd: Owns the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra rated 4 star having 234 rooms and 16 studio apartments. The company is also planning to purchase Kumasi Hotel located in Kumasi city.2)- Ghana Groceries Ltd. Owns a super market in down town Accra.3)- Ghana - Libyan Arab Agricultural Company Ltd. Owns agricultural farm of 3426 Ha. planted with fruit trees like mangos, lemons –etc in sojakobi located 115 km from the capital city Accra. The company invested in irrigation and agricultural equipment .

Societe Arabe Libyo-Guineenne Pour Le Development Agricole Et Agro-Industriel (SALGUIDIA)
Location : Conakry , Guinea
Date of Establishment: 1976
Participation: 75% LAAICO 25% Guinean GovernmentActivity: 1)- The company owns 50% of the real estate company (BDS).
2)- Industrial: SALGUIDIA owns a fruit producing farm

LAAICO has a 51% shareholding in societe nouvelle africaine des industries des fruits et legumes (SONAIFEL).
LAAICO is also studying the possibility of investing in mining and other sectors .

Central African Republic

Companie Centrafricaine de Mines (COCAMINES)
Location : Bangui
Date of Establishment: 2000
Participation: 50% LAAICO 50% Private concern
Activity: Diamond mining.
In addition ,LAAICO owns a hotel in the capital city of Bangui which is still under construction to be rated 4 star.

Libyan Foreign Investment Company(LAFICO-GABON)
Location : Libreville, Gabon.
Date of Establishment: 2001
Participation: 100% LAAICOActivity: The company has a forestry concession of 400,000 hectares. seeking to utilize it on asound economical basis while protecting the environment.

Democratic Republic of Congo.
LAAICO is a shareholder in Oryx Natural Resources a mining company whose present activity is diamond mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At the same time. The company is aiming to expand its activities in other African countries

Societe Congolaise Arab Libyenne du Bois (SOCALIB)
Location : Brazzaville, Congo
Date of Establishment: 1976
Participation: 100% LAAICOActivity: The company owns a forest concession of 506.000 ha and a sawmill plant producing furniture and carpenter wood. Marketed throughout the world .
Production: the company produces annually 60.000 m3 of logs. 36.000 m3 of furniture & carpenter wood is produced annually types of wood produced: Ayous, Sapelli, Sipo, Afromosa .

Societe Mixte Libyo-Malgache (LIMA-HOLDING)
Location : Antananarivo, Madagascar
Date of Establishment: 1983
Participation: 49% LAAICO .
51% Government of Madagascar.
Activity: Poultry Farm, Real Estate & Tourism.

Libyan Foreign Investment Company
Location : Lusaka , Zambia
Date of Establishment: 2001
Participation: 100% LAAICOActivity: The company owns a residential complex of 52 first class villas built on an area of 8 ha in Lusaka.

LAAICO has recently acquired shares in Rainbow Tourism Group .

Ethio-Libyan Joint Agricultural Company (ELACO)
Location : Addis Ababa , Ethiopia
Date of Establishment: 1981
Participation: 49% LAAICO
51% Ethiopian Government
Activity: Drilling water wells and other agricultural activities.Libyan Foreign I

Investment Company(LAFICO-ETHIOPIA)
Location : Addis Ababa , Ethiopia
Date of Establishment: 2000
Participation: 100% LAAICO
Activity: Shareholder in a mineral water factory. LAFICO-ETHIOPIA seeks to expand in food processing projects and other sectors.

Lake Victoria Hotel Co. LTD.
Location : Entebbe , Uganda
Date of Establishment: 1995
Participation: 100% LAAICO
Activity: The company owns and manages the Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe. Plans are underway to renovate the hotel and upgrade it to a 4 star standard.

The Libyan Foreign Investment Company (LAFICO-LIBERIA)
Location : Monrovia -Liberia
Date of Establishment: 2002
Participation: 100% LAAICO

1)- 86% LAAICO share holding in the Pan African Real Estate corporation.
2)- Industrial: a rubber factory with capacity of (1000) Tons Per Year.

LAAICO has a 55% shareholding in (COMCELL) telecommunications company working in the field of mobile telephones.

Read the rest diretly from the company website

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