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Friday, March 02, 2007

Alms (Zakat) Pay for Jihad-by Islamic Law & Tradition

In the West, We about Islamic Alms giving. Christians or Jews may assume it is like the "Tithe" .

They would be wrong.

Though Zakat is to provide for the poor and other worthy causes like disaster relief, It is also used to Defend the Umma (Islamic Lands) and to expand them.

uses for Zakat are as follows: (from Wikipedia)

Faqir - One who has neither material possessions nor means of livelihood.
Miskin - One with insufficient means of livelihood to meet basic needs.
Amil - Workers associated with the collection and distribution of Zakat.
Muallafathul Quloob - One who converts to Islam. Literally those whose hearts are softened.
Riqab - One who wants to free himself from bondage or the shackles of slavery.
Gharmin - One who is in debt (money borrowed to meet basic, halal expenditure).
Fisabilillah - Literal meaning 'In the way of God', but it is used for Jihad.
Ibnus Sabil - One who is stranded in journey.

The Zakat is collected, and Islamic banks have accounts set up for the collectors of Zakat. Some accounts are co-mingled, or dedicated to Jihad, like Account 98

Therefore, if an Islamic Student group in the US collects donations to support Tsunami Victims in Indonesia, when the funds arrive in country it is perfectly ethical under Islamic Law and tradition to use the funds to equip and Pay Jihadists.

This is convenient. This means the student collectors in the US can plausibly deny knowledge of how the funds were spent and claim ignorance, calling the US government "liars" when investigators trace the funds back to them.

Question to ask your local Western Islamic Charity: If you collect for the poor, how will I know it will not be used to support Jihad? look up carefully any islamic Charity that is operating in a Jihad region. There are a number of databases that various governments have created to identify Islamic Charities who have been used to fund Jihad. Many are listed in the collumn at the right.

-Shimron Issachar

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