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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Reasearch before engaging organizations Overseas

So you are about to engage with an organization in in another country to do Ministry, Business as Mission, or an economic development project.

There are several steps to take first:

First, check the Treasury Department to insure you are incompliance.

There are currently 41 organizations or groups designated as Foregin Terrorist Organizations by theSecretary of State. These 41 FTOs include 12 of the 13 Middle East terrorist organizations previously designated under Executive Orders 12947 and 13099 and 29 other foreign organizations located in South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. -click here for more

Next, Check to see check the MIPT Database:

The MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base (TKB) is the one-stop resource for comprehensive research and analysis on global terrorist incidents, terrorism-related court cases, and terrorist groups and leaders. TKB covers the history, affiliations, locations, and tactics of terrorist groups operating across the world, with over 35 years of terrorism incident data and hundreds of group and leader profiles and trials. TKB also features interactive maps, statistical summaries, and analytical tools that can create custom graphs and tables.

This is the largest and most comprehensive I have found.


Check the UN Terrorit Database. This is primarily for Taliban and Al qaeda names.

See if any key names from your potential partners occur here

Fourth, check the Rand Terrorism Database listings

Check events, and the countries where you intend to work for terrorist organizaitons, and get to know them.

Fifth, the Kompass Corporate Database is a Eurpoean based listing of Coproations and Corporate officer names.

Do your potential partners names or organizations occur here?

You can check press databases. A helpful engine that can do this for you is Zoominfo.

I look forward to comments about more data bases to search.

Related laws to Study:

The USA PATRIOT Act introduced sweeping changes to U.S. law, including amendments to:

Wiretap Statute (Title III):
Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
Pen Register and Trap and Trace Statute
Money Laundering Act
Immigration and Nationality Act
Money Laundering Control Act
Bank Secrecy Act
Right to Financial Privacy Act
Fair Credit Reporting Act

Sarbanes Oxley Act: This applies only to publicly held companies, but best practices from all auditors appear to be impacting Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). The records it requires of public companies will be a useful pro-active demonstration of efforts for private companies to be in
compliance as well.

More will be added to this post later


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