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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jihadis use Sudan civil war for cover

Sudan continues to be the heart of Jihadi launces into Sub-Sahara Africa. The cease fire in Darfur was just a resting and rearming point for the ongoing genicide. You want Chad, Kenya, every place you touch. Sudan is your reailway station....

The false jihad is clear; your steps are transparent, your strategies visible, even in the darkness where you hide. I do not hate you, my enemy, for I have been forgiven too much. I want you to have the peace the God of your childhood wants to give you. I do not fight you. I do not have to, for the battle is the Lord's, and he will conqure all his enemies, with his right hand and his holy arm, he will atain the victory. My concern Jihadi, is for your soul, do your leaders

I beg you to repent Jihadis, before the deception of your leaders and the real satan leaves you to burn forever. Is this Allah you now serve the Allah of your youth? In the quiet of your heart you know that the God they serve is not the God of your youth. Pray to God to know the truth. Seek him, the God who spoke to you in your youth, and you will find him. He will speak when you set aside your artificial rage.


See what your leaders have done to you....

The following is by:

Dr. TajudeenKampala

What is Khartoum really up to again in Darfur? The African Union has given notice that it is not going to continue its Peace Mission beyond the end of this month when the mandate expires.

Khartoum's initial response was more or less: "Good riddance...." click here for more

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