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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sharia Law in Northern Nigeria

What follows is the Chronical of what Sharia law is doing in Northern Nigeria

Sharia Law has been esablished in Northern Nigeria. There is public demand for it. The challenge is that Sharia calls for the subjugation of all faiths, whether Muslim or not.

It is not really about Sharia law principles, it is about Sharia itself. A non-muslim would ask, " why not compromise, lets take at least some of the principles in Sharia law, and write them into constitutional law...."

A muslim would answer: "the meaning of Islam is submission to God", they would say "It cannot 'look like' Sharia, it must 'be' Sharia, because what Sharia means is to be in submission to God.

Without God there is no law, therefore we must have submission of all things under Sharia law be in submuission to God.

so...... is there any way for sharia to exist in a free society?

The annswer is no.
Demand of Sharia (Islamic Law) over consitition

March, 2005

"Kano Seeks Supremacy of Sharia Over Constitution" ("Daily Trust," March 17, 2005) Aduja, Nigeria -- The Kano state delegation to the National Political Reform Conference has demanded constitutional amendments to make Islamic Law supreme over provisions of the constitution. An 11-page memorandum submitted to the conference in Abuja yesterday by the state delegation also called for the expansion of powers of state Shari'a courts of appeal to cover all aspects of Islamic Law. The memorandum is seeking for amendments to section 1(3) of the 1999 constitution to put a proviso that will exclude Shari'a from instruments that are subservient to the constitution. Click here for more.

-Daily Trust, Abujau, Nigeria 8/29/06

The joint committee of Islamic organizations, said that, the decision to back the SSG, was because, the SSG is loyal and faithful to the governor, maintaining that he is humble and highly dedicated to the service of Yobe state, beside being a devoted muslim.

The religious leaders said that Baba Ba'aba in their view will adequately step into the shoes of the governor, come 2007. The religious leaders who came in a high number had formed an alliance comprising representatives of Imams across mosques in Yobe, Tsangaya association, Islamic preachers association, representatives of jama'atul Nasril Islam, Izalatukl Bid'a wa iqamatulssunah, Jama'atul fityanul Islam, Jama'atul Nahadul Islam and Islamiyya schools association among others.

The religious leaders said that they were optimistic that the SSG would uphold the implementation of Sharia legal system as introduced by the Yobe governor.

Meanwhile, the visit of the religious leaders has already began to attract mixed reactions within Damaturu, the state capital, as some people condemned the position of the religious leaders, maintaining that their action was not healthy since they are supposed to consider all aspirants, as Imams and Islamic leaders. Others were however of the view, that the religious leaders took an appropriate step, as they were entitled to their opinion in the political system, in addition to being right to choose, whoever they deem fit to rule Yobe. Click here for more

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