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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Italian Priest Assinated in North Eastern Kenya

A priest was assisnated in North East Kenya, after almost 5o years of ministry there. His retirement to go back to Italy was just approved by the Pope, and his replacement had been named.

this assassination apears to have been set up low-level Somoli Islamic exptremists to try and intmidate the replacement priest. In addition there is adeliberate attempt to run

See the following for supporting evidance


By Catholic News ServiceISIOLO, Kenya (CNS) --

On July 14th....

An Italian missionary bishop who had just learned Pope Benedict XVI had accepted his retirement was shot July 14 outside the Isiolo pastoral center.

Bishop Luigi Locati, who would have celebrated his 77th birthday July 23, died at the Isiolo hospital about an hour after being shot. A guard walking with the bishop was wounded, news agencies reported.
The bishop was head of the Apostolic Vicariate of Isiolo in northeast Kenya. The region recently has been the scene of violence between the Gabra and Borana ethnic groups over cattle and access to water.

July 12th....

(From The Turbi Village massacre was the killing of sixty people by feuding clans in the Marsabit district of northern Kenya on the early morning of 12 July 2005. Hundreds of armed raiders of the Borana tribe attacked the Gabra people living in the Turbi area, north west of Marsabit. Twenty-two of the sixty confirmed dead were children, and over six thousand people fled their homes, most of them fleeing to Marsabit town.

The fighting was a result of competition over scarce water and pasture land in the arid region along the Somali border, as well as a recent political division along ethnic lines. The fighting in Turbi is similar in cause to that between the Garre and the Murule in Mundule in January and February of 2005.

Cattle rustling is relatively common practice in this region, and some reports suggest that the massacre may have begun as a cattle raid. The Gabra people, victims of the massacre, had been accused in June of stealing hundreds of cattle and goats. (click here for more)

Borana information : from a cached Yahoo page no longer available:

Religion: Their traditional religion is monotheistic with communication through intermediary priests or "Qalla". The traditional name for God is Waq (or Wak). Islam has become influential in Borana society in the last 70 years. The Borana around Isiolo are radical Muslims.

Borana are connected ethnically to a larger tribal group located in Ehthiopia nand in Somolia click here for more

In recent years, the Borana "Ayaana" possession cult has been growing in Mandera and Wajir districts. At the same time Islamic fundamentalism has been gaining ground over the traditional Sufi mystical orders.

..[Ilsamic].. Fundamentalists have established NGOs and brought financial aid from Muslim organizations in Sudan, South Africa, North America, Europe, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia and Iran. (click here for more)

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