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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) based in London warns in a report about a threat to the UK from the so-called ‘lone wolves’ who are terrorists coming back home after fighting together with extremist groups abroad, in particular, in Nigeria,Yemen and Somalia

  • .RUSI experts estimate that British citizens make up 25% of all foreign militants fighting in the ranks of the Al Shabaab extremist group. 
  • They are about 50 people who may soon be able to use their war experience in the streets of British cities. 
  • RUSI experts warn that the return of these militants from overseas could coincide with the release of people convicted of terrorist charges. 
  • RUSI director Michael Clark warns that the global recession is also instrumental in causing radical moods in a certain segment of the British society.

The report also warns that the UK’s counter-terrorism spending and staffing levels could face serious cuts
after the end of the London-2012 Olympic Games. “Major decisions are being postponed until the event
has ended in August, with an overriding priority to complete the Games without major incident,” RUSI
expert Tobias Feakin says.

The threat from far-right terrorism in the UK is extremely acute at present and this is confirmed by a report
by the Home Affairs Committee of MPs who believe that the government strategy of fighting radicalisation
is neglecting the threat to the UK from extreme far-right terrorist groups with links to similar organizations
in Europe. It is always easy to blame other countries but British authorities should first of all pay attention
to the growth of extremism inside the UK.

Speaking frankly, the authorities themselves put a ‘delay-action mine’ under the UK when, in the
framework of the counter-extremism programme adopted in 2007 by the Labour government, they began
to allocate 63mln pounds annually to support various Muslim groups which were often of dubious origin
and pursued radical aims. It is not a coincidence that in this connection the British capital is often called
Londonistan and a nursery for al-Qaeda personnel.

Last year, the WikiLeaks web site published information that 35 terrorists kept in the notorious US
Guantanamo prison had been sent to fight against the West after being brain-washed by British extremist

It is not unlikely that among them were Aby Qatada and Abu Hamza who had been granted the
status of refugees in the UK and lived on state benefits, and later sent dozens of extremists from all over
the world to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is unlikely that British authorities and special services were unaware of the true nature of those
‘preachers’ activities. Apparently, they knew everything but took no steps to stop those activities.
Moreover, a large sum of money was paid to Abu Qatada for ‘unfair detention’ in accordance with the
Human Rights Law. The money was provided by British tax-payers who may eventually become victims of
these Islamic extremists.

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