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Monday, September 05, 2011

Ethiopia to South Africa Human Trafficking RIng

Most Ethipians in this trafficking network were looking for work, but Some Ogaden Somali's may become part of the South African Islamist network unpon arrival. Some will likely have trained with al Shabaab, and may become militant trainers in planned future South African Islamist militias. This is how Boko Haram in Nigera, the recent UN bombers , were trained by AQIM.

Shimron Issacahr
EAC urged to fight human trafficking
The man, who was found with the passengers in his lorry by Ethiopian police, is believed to be the mastermind of a human trafficking ring operating between the two countries. He operates between Isiolo and Moyale.

Eastern police boss Marcus Ochola said he was yet to be briefed on the arrests. He, however, said the Ethiopian authorities had been very cooperative in the war against human trafficking.

“They have a lot of information and for the last two months they have assisted us a lot in arresting the perpetrators,” said Mr Ochola.

The Counter Trafficking in Persons Act, 2010, spells out stiff penalties for such offences. Conviction carries a 30-year-jail term or a Sh30 million fine.

In Mombasa, police arrested 19 Ethiopians believed to be on their way to South Africa via Nairobi. The group was planning to enter Tanzania through panya routes, it was said.

Working on a tip-off, the police raided a bus booking office at Mwembe Tayari where the Ethiopians were waiting to board a morning vehicle for Nairobi.

The shocked foreigners were ordered to remove their luggage from the bus and accompany the officers to Central Police Station where they were locked up.

Speaking at the station, local police boss Kipkemoi Rop expressed concern over the number of Ethiopians passing through the country.

“Every week, we are arresting roughly between eight to 10 Ethiopians on transit and this is worrying,” he said adding they were liaising with their counterparts in Kilifi and Lamu to know the point of entry.

Meanwhile, sixty (60) street families arrested on Saturday night in Mombasa town will on Monday appear in court to answer different charges.

Police raided street families on Digo, Moi, Nyerere and Haile Sellassie roads.

Mr Rop said the police would work with the Mombasa Municipal Council to rid the town of street families.

At the same time, police recovered two firearms and arrested two suspects in Eastleigh, Nairobi, on Saturday morning.

Buruburu police boss Hassan Barua said police got information from the public that some people were hiding firearms in their house.

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