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Sunday, September 18, 2011

AQIM Plans to Target Africa Oil Field Staff Aircraft with SA-7s

AQIM : Al-Qaeda plans to attack oil firms in North Africa
Posted by Admin on 2011/9/16 17:00:00 (90 reads) News by the same author
Algerian newspaper el-Khabar has reported of a specific al-Qaeda threat to US and British oil companies operating in Sahel and North Africa following US reports that the terrorist network has acquired Russian anti-aircraft rockets during the Libyan conflict.

US security forces have reportedly sent an email to US embassies in the Sahel Region and North Africa, in addition to oil companies operating in these region, after receiving confirmed information that al-Qaeda has acquired huge number of surface-to-air rockets which the group intends to use in attacks on oilfield staff from US and British companies working in the Sahara.

“The email says that terrorists plan to attack these companies, precisely planes carrying the staff working in the oil fields,” the newspaper quoted a source.

The newspaper said that the terrorists aim to target mainly staff rather than oil field infrastructure. The newspaper also said that major services companies operating in the drilling and the exploration sectors have received the email and forwarded it to their security contractors.

The notice has already reportedly spread concern among companies operating in these region, and also those looking to take part in the reconstruction of Libya.

The news paper said the rockets smuggled are SAM7 and SAM5 handheld Russian surface-to-air rockets, capable of shooting down civilian aircraft.

By Abdelghani Henni

Friday, 16 September 2011 5:37

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